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invent a bad movie title

Started by zombie, April 03, 2007, 10:56:54 PM

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"Attack of the Killer Lesbian whales."  :thumbup:


Wrath of the Siamese Chihuahua


Bungee Jump Massacre XII

North-African Hedgehogs On A Plane

please do not mock my potato.

Hammock Rider

Uwe Boll's William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet
Legend of the Buddhist Fist(er)
Scott Pilgrim vs. Jesse Eisenberg
Barley: The Movie
Leonard Part 7: The Rehash for Cash
Baby Geniuses vs. Diaper Rash
Jumping Kings and Making Haste Ain't my Cup of Meat


Rambu vs The Queen of Rollerskating


The Uncle from Hell
The Cyborg Chupacabras Cometh
Stabby Stabby
Anvils Keep Falling On My Head
Nightmare Orphanage


Black Momma - White Momma

starring Whoopie Goldberg and Rosie O'Donnell.


Glee- the Lesbian movie!
Nazi Zombie's Apocalypse- All for one.
yeah no.


There are some great titles on this thread. This reply does not go well with thread and I did not see this on the thread but the movie title "Don't" from the Grindhouse movies. The title short and sweet.  I wish I had thought of this Bad Movie title.

(The fake trailer was really good. I wish they would make a movie based on the trailer)


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I like this thread.  Couple of titles below:

Friday the 13th Part 52 - Jason dies of old age in a nursing home
Cheap looking CGI monster terrorizes Teenagers - Every movie ever brought to you by SciFi Channel
I wish I knew what I did Last Summer - Amnesiac discovers he accidently chopped up a bunch of teenagers and forgot about it
"Ahhhhhh" - Why hasn't anyone ever used this for a horror movie title before, it could work for anything

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The Seven Golden Monkeys of Ling Fei
Attack of the Electrical Menace
Shark People of Qua Long
Attack of the Red Mist from Hell
Shallow Blood
Bloody Death! Blood!
Ah, the good old days.


Eek!!!--The Mouse Massacre
Bloody Murders Of The Women That Don't Fight Back Or Run Away
Killer Nerd 3: The Microsoft Murders
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The Drunken High Farmers named Tom
The Minotaur who didn't go to Hell
yeah no.


Bourgeois Bohemian Tragedy
Attack of the Amazonian Zombies
Beware! The Stench From Hell or Bathroom of Death
The Hole: A Doorway to the Seventeenth Dimension
Starwalkers: Space Riders Beyond the Universe
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Quote from: xJaseSFx on December 05, 2010, 01:07:09 AM

Beware! The Stench From Hell or Bathroom of Death
is the bad guy Trevor's undies or dirty diapers?
yeah no.