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June 2008 Giveaway

Started by Andrew, June 01, 2008, 11:31:54 AM

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During the month of June 2008, is giving out a free gift certificate worth $20.  To qualify, tell me what is your favorite review on (and please link to it).  If you have the time, I would like to know why it is your favorite review, but that is not required.

Simply respond in this thread with the movie title, and a link to the review.


My favorite review is "Starcrash."  I love that film!

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Andrew Borntreger


My favorite review here was one of the first I read and that was Drunken Wu Tang.

I watched that clip of the Watermelon Monster and was like, "What the heck did I just watch!?"

Mr. DS

I'm going to say Babes In Toyland

Particularly because it was one of those films I used to view a lot growing up and often made fun of even at a tender age.  I had forgotten all about it until reading this review years ago.   Plus the lesson learned about Teddy Bears and riot control has never failed to make me laugh.  :thumbup:
DarkSider's Realm

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Think it would have to be Bad Taste

Remember downloading the bit of the soundtrack wav file to get listen to it on my first computer over and over. 

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Oddly enough, probably your shortest review:

Not because it's short, hillbilly, but because of the comment you made about a border state:

QuotePresumably by the end of the movie both know they are cousins, it doesn't make any difference, our last image of them is passionately kissing on top a rock outcropping. (They went on to found West Virginia.)

For some silly reason that comment sticks with me. Still waiting for your take on the movie Wrong Turn.

Rev. Powell

I'll go with the latest one, Bad Girls Go to Hell, because Andrew's writing is becoming better and better with age.  Just a month ago, he would never have come up with the phrase "perform the dance of the four-lipped butterfly." 
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Theres a few reviews that stick out in my mind as my favorites. I liked Andrew's review for "Slumber Party Massacre" and i liked the one for "Beast Of Yucca Flats" just because the clip he used cracked me up, but my FAVORITE review was the one for some bizzare driving instructional movie, but I cant remember the title of it, so heres a link to the RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD review.
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I'm going to have to say The Being is my favourite review. Lots of goofy stuff in that movie, and Andrew is in particularly fine form making fun of it. A longer review, but consistently fun to read. The references to "big potato" still crack me up. The "Things I Learned" section is particularly solid, and the video clip is simple but funny as hell.
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Quote from: KYGOTC on June 08, 2008, 12:36:00 AM FAVORITE review was the one for some bizzare driving instructional movie, but I cant remember the title of it...

Probably "The Educational Archives:  Driver's Ed."  Collections of those old instructional films are just awesome for people who love weird movies.
Andrew Borntreger

Doc Daneeka

I am sorry to say that not many reviews stand out in my mind, but reading through them again I counted the most golden chuckles in Elves (Just one "elf", master "gender", the remix...). I don't think it really matters, I'm not really entering, just saying for fun (And to up my posts... Oooohhhh sooo close to 1000!).

Special mentions, though, go to Night of the Zombies and Voodoo Academy solely for their taglines :teddyr:
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Without a doubt the Cane Toads review:

The explanation about the mating and the smashed frog just makes me laugh every damn time!
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A bald man named Savalas visited me last night in a dream.  I think it was a Telly vision.


My overall favorite has to be for Transformers: The Movie.

Why is this my favorite review?  TTM happens to be one of my favorite films of all time.  While it's a kid's film I love the Transformers and it holds a special place in my heart. 


My favorite review has to be

Plus I really enjoyed the audience participation part, that must have taken forever.


I tend to get my best laughs  :bouncegiggle: from this one.

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I'd have to say The Beast of Yucca Flats:

Andrew's review caused this film to rocket up my "to view" list and it has since become a staple of midnight viewing for myself and my friends, with many repeat viewings.  If I hadn't read Andrew's review, I might not have seen Beast yet, and that'd be a damn shame.