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Your First Record, Tape & CD

Started by Mr. DS, January 15, 2009, 10:31:37 PM

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First cassette tape: either 'Abbey Road' or The White Album - got them both at about the same time and I honestly cannot remember which I got first.

First LP: 'American Woman' by the Guess Who.

First CD: Susan Aglukark's 'This Child'. (Or was it the kitschy compilation of 'space' themes? Or the Gregorian Chants?  Oh well: pick one.)

First concert: Beach Boys.
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Quote from: Joe the Destroyer on January 18, 2009, 05:45:26 PM

Ray Stevens Collection. 

Yeah, nothing all that impressive...
Ray Stevens is good.  If it's the one I'm thinking of, at least.  The one who did "The Streak" and "Ahab the Arab."  I like him.
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This was my first record I ever bought ~ the first track on the album scared the hell out of me as it was the first time I'd ever heard stereo sound!  :buggedout:

I still have it. Of course.  :smile: And the Moody Blues are still great.  :smile:

Concerts: I have never been to one at all. Strange but true.  :question:

Tape: I can't remember what was the first tape I bought.
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Record - Never bought one!
Tape - Album - "What's The Story Morning Glory" by Oasis.
         Single - "Traveller's Tune" by Ocean Colour Scene.
C.D - Album - "K" by Kula Shaker
       Single - "Tied To The Nineties" by Travis.
Concert - I don't go to them, I just don't like them.
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Record/LP: never bought one, Apparently I was fierce in my youth for scratching up my father's Jim Reeves records which I played over and over and over.

Cassette/Tape: Twisted Sister: Stay Hungry

CD: R.E.M.: Fables of the Reconstruction

Never been to a concert.
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First LP: "Paranoid" by Sabbath- I was 6, and my cousin dared me to listen to it with the lights off, and we listened to it in the dark until the fear wore off. THATwas the impact of Sabbath in '71 or so!

First cassette: I think it was "Blizzard of OZ" by Ozzy, possibly "Piece of Mind" by Maiden.

First CD: Can't even remember.

First concert: B.O.C. or Bad Company/Foghat.

First mosh pit kick-down: '88 or '89 SoundGarden at "The Country Club" in Reseda.


First LP: ELTON JOHN Don't Shoot Me I'm Only The Piano Player   
First tape: U2 War
First CD: Probably BARBRA STREISAND The Broadway Album 
First concert: JEFFERSON STARSHIP  :lookingup:
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Record: None my sister had a player, but I never bought any.
Tape: Men at work: Cargo
CD: Best of the Doors (it was during their late 80's resurgence)
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Quote from: Ed, Just Ed on January 26, 2009, 02:41:31 PM
Tape: Men at work: Cargo

That wasn't my first, but it was probably one of the first 5 tapes I bought. 
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