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The Weirdest TV Shows Ever.

Started by Leah, August 04, 2009, 04:28:51 PM

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MANIMAL (1983) um.......ya

can't post the vid but if someone else can I'd much appreciate.
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yeah no.


A couple more Canadian shows. Both were beloved children's classics for over 30 years, and both seem kind of bizarre on closer examination.
The Friendly Giant. The second half of this clip has a comedy routine based on the show. I can accept the scale of things being all over the place - the little chairs in the indoor scenes are almost as big as the little houses in the outdoor scenes, making the giant's height vary by a couple hundred feet, not to mention the puppets being gargantuan. But just the weirdness of it. Yes, there is a chicken in a bag hanging from the wall. The chicken and the giraffe were both operated and voiced by the same puppeteer, who put on a high-pitched "I've been kicked in the nuts" voice for one, and apparently just talked normally for the other.

I didn't watch much of that one, but I was a big fan of Mr. Dressup.
This was, for the most part, a fun show. The crafts were especially good. The weird thing is ascertaining just what kind of relationship Mr. Dressup and Casey have. Mr. Dressup usually acts like a parent or guardian, yet Casey calls him "Mr. Dressup." And Casey lives with the dog in a little treehouse out on the patio. Can't imagine a social worker would appreciate that arrangement. And they spend their days dressing up in costumes from the "Tickle Trunk" to either act out stories or just mess with each other. Actually, what I really enjoyed about watching the boxed set I bought for my daughter was seeing the things I didn't notice at that age. I'm pretty sure they made up a good deal of it as they went along, and the camera did not stop rolling if somebody tripped over a line. A couple of times, I've heard Mr. Dressup come out with something that just sounded goofy, and when Casey responds, you can tell the puppeteer is rubbing it in. Must have been a blast working on kids' shows from the 60s to the 80s.
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i sincerely want MTV to put out a Liquid Telivision dvd box set or something along the lines of that.
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Quote from: KYGOTC on May 28, 2010, 12:45:38 AM
i sincerely want MTV to put out a Liquid Telivision dvd box set or something along the lines of that.

I used to have the whole first season on VHS that I recorded during the original run.

Wild stuff.

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Basically, it's nazi germany meets I love Lucy.

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It was a weird idea to do something like a 50's american sitcom about adolph hitler and eva braun living together as a amrried couple, with hitler working for a man named hinderberg and living next to a nosey jewish couple his wife was friends with.

In the opening and only aired ep, the hitlers have to entertain mr. chamberlain, an important business partner. Meanwhile, the jewish neighbors scheme to meet mr. chanberlain, while adolf must keep them from disrupting the dinner, offending the client and geting chewed out by mr. hinderburg.

Here's the wiki:!


The early 90's had an obsession with this Brazilian woman. So much of an obsession that she took her bizaro world kids show from Brazil to the States.



An English chum of mine told me about 'The Flower Pot Men'.


If you're an Andy Milligan fan there's no hope for you.


BBC weirdness for adults: the truly bizarre, very dark comedy of The League of Gentlemen, detailing the lives of the citizens of Royston Vasey.

Some of my favorites: Tubbs and Edward and their Local Shop filled with precious things:

And the delightfully creepy and disturbing Papa Lazarou:

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Aliens in the Family

You might not really be able to call it a rip-off because it was made by the same people who made the show Dinosuars but that's exactyl what it was.  A cash-in.  Real people and giant animatronic suits characters.

The plot is that an alien woman falls in love with the man she has abducted (boy, I just realized how creepy the premesis becomes if you break it down to its base elements and remove the word alien.).  Anyway, she has several alien kids of her own and they all move to Earth.  Much of the "humor" coming from the alien's strange looks and how nobody seems to notice it.  

What I remember most about this show is that I was sure it only aired twice.  I remember it being on one week and being gone soon after.  It turns out they moved it to Saturday morining when I would have been watching much better cartoons and children's programming.  Wasn't a good show to begin with and I guess died a quick death.

At least, that's what Gary Busey told me...


Quote from: Raffine on July 30, 2010, 05:17:52 PM
An English chum of mine told me about 'The Flower Pot Men'.



I remember Flower Pot Men!  They don't make 'em much odder than that.
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I also remember Aliens In The Family I watched it once it was terrible thank god ABC was smart enough to take off that crappy show.


Scare Tactics- Satan's Baby, The bus ride from Hell, and the cab ride from Hell.
yeah no.