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How's the weather?

Started by Olivia Bauer, January 20, 2012, 09:14:45 AM

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We had our first measurable snow fall of the Winter in New Jersey yesterday -- about six inches' worth. Nothing I couldn't handle.
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Flick James

It's mild in Phoenix even for Phoenix. Phoenix can have quite a few overnight lows in the 30's over the course of a winter, but this year we've seen very few.

I was in Kansas the last couple of days for my father's funeral, and it was cold. It got down to 9 degrees the last night we were there, and no shelter from the wind on that flat, flat praerie.

It's been a mild winter all over the northern hemisphere this year.
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My condolences Flick. Sorry to hear that your father passed away.


Continuing the update from my area: The weather still sucks and the roads are hard to drive on.  This will probably not change for the next few days.

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We had some pretty healthy storms around the state last night....even a few tornado warnings. That's Texas for you!
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I hope all my Bad Movie friends are good.  It's been sunny and warm here in New Jersey.  Went for our long walk today about 3 miles... breezy, 45 or so, maybe even 50 degrees... beautiful January, especially after last year (mountains of grey snow and steel grey sky for months) at this time of year... just a year ago it was truly wretched... I breathed the cool (but not cold) air deeply today and noticed the lenten roses... !!!  :smile:
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Actually it was a beautiful calm sunny day here today, 5 degrees above zero (celsius). Tomorrow the weather is supposed to return to the more normal - 6 degrees below zero and snow flurries. We seem to have these odd warm days now almost once a week lately. Wasn't so long ago it was close to - 30 here in the wind chill.
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Kind of warm here, supposed to get up to 38 F today. On-and-off chance of snow, temp's around freezing, maybe a little sun once in a while.
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It's 15h50 here and it just started to rain. Nice: been hot today.  :smile:
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Supposed to be a beautiful sunny day tomorrow but rather cold at 8 below zero (celsius) but Saturday we're supposed to have a major snow storm. Today was chilly with a mix of drizzle and snow flurries.
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ARRGH!  We finally got just enough snow to make the footing adequate and now it is mild again, the snow has all gone, more rain is coming, it's already MUD everywhere and it is going to freeze that way.

I hate this winter! 
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It will be 80 F and sunny today in west central Florida.   :teddyr:
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So far, we've only had snow once, and only about two inches.

I'm not complaining. It's been roughly around the 59-60° mark this winter. I'll take this above cold and snow.
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We're supposed to get a blizzard tomorrow. Personally I hope we don't get it. Don't mind the cold but hate multiple snow storms in a row. Hasn't been too bad so far this winter though.
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Just day after day of highs around 35 - 40 F, sometimes it's sunny, sometimes overcast.  Half the snow has melted from the backyard (not that there was much to start with).

Meh, what a yucky winter.  I'd much prefer lots of snow and cold temps.
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