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Started by claws, May 04, 2020, 09:56:53 PM

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Since I'm living in a country that worships asparagus I'll have to ask, do you like asparagus?

Here in Germany people go bats**t crazy over asparagus.

Asparagus season starts in mid April and ends in mid June. Per capita consumption of asparagus in Germany (83 million) is 1,5 kg (3 lbs) every year.

They only like white asparagus, usually steamed and served with potatoes, ham and sauce hollandaise

I don't like the texture of (warm) white asparagus. They're wet, kind of heavy and have a weird soapy taste. Even worse asparagus taints your pee with a stinkbomb like odor.

I'm always baffled why Germans love asparagus so much. They even crown their own asparagus queen(s) every year. This is like Midsommar nightmare fuel:

What's your take on asparagus?


Nearly every green vegetable gets a big thumbs down from me.  Celery, lettuce, green onions, green peppers and green beans are among the few exceptions.  Asparagus definitely gets a big fat "no thanks".
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Kristi makes a fantastic asparagus wrapped in bacon.
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I can't eat it. I have an aversion. Last time I choked some down to be polite I felt like I was going to publicly vomit, so I have avoided it ever since.
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I worked at Honee Bear Canning for about 30 years...we cooked and canned and bottled that s**t from April to July. I worked in the fields picking it when I was a kid too. I can't stand the sight of it.
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nope, no way, no how, can't stand the stuff.
don't EVEN...EVER!


I was wondering how asparagus is usually prepared in other countries. Is it mostly a side dish? It seems like Americans prefer (grilled) green asparagus, and not as a main dish (during asparagus season) like here in Germany.

They call it "white gold" here and it is labelled a delicacy  :lookingup:


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Love it!  We planted a bed of it when we moved to the farm almost 30 years ago.  I was just out there checking on the first sprouts of the season.   :smile: 

The taste fresh-picked is better than what you can get in a supermarket.  It also grows wild around here and people pick it (everybody has their favourite/secret patch, it seems).   Generally it is served steamed, with a bit of butter.  And yes as a side or vegetable with a meal.
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You guys are funny.  REV:thumbup:  NEWT:thumbup: 

I can eat asparagus and do, but I'm no fan, and I've often wondered about those exquisite asparagus wrapped with prosciutto thingees that people actually eat.  I mean slimy stringy with stringy raw shaved... not a fan.   
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It takes two years to grow, and my thinking is that's nature's way of trying our patience to keep us from eating that questionable stuff. It's like green beans and evil had a baby.
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I only tried it recently.  The first time I had it, it was stringy and tasted like dirt and just fueled my belief that vegans are masochists, but then I had it again when my sister made it and it was NOT stringy and it was really good.  I don't know if I had a bad batch the first time, or if it was my sister's awesome cooking that made the second time really good.  I think I could be friends with asparagus.

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I do love the short film "Asparagus"...

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Asparagus season is in full swing again here in Germany and like every year it is annoying because that's the only thing people are talking about. Even at work  :lookingup:

Is it October yet?