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invent a bad movie title

Started by zombie, April 03, 2007, 10:56:54 PM

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Sixty-Nine and You: An Education Film
Cleavage Maidens From Beyond
Enema Of Doom
"O the legend they say, on a Valentine's Day, is a curse that'll live on and on.."


All I want for Christmas is my Period
Steven Segal vs. The Surly Crack Babies of Pubic Amazonia
Planet Compton


Superbabies 3: Attack of the s**t monster!
yeah no.


My Life as Jim Varney's Erection


John Doe Massacre
music a go go
Micro Ninjas
Psychotic aliens from Neptune
yeah no.


Legion of the Demogoblins vs. The Cute Little Elves
Return of the Deep Sea Diver From Beyond the Sea
Details of a Secret Alien Invasion Inside Our Bodies
Redhead Rhonda and Her Big Bad Wolf Gang
Captain Iron and The Top Secret Submarine Spider Thing
"This above all: To thine own self be true!"


QuoteLarge-Breasted, Blonde and Completely Clueless
I think I've seen that movie *spoiler*  That man wasn't really their Pool man. 

Prelude to the Summer of My Melancholy Youth with the Abominable Snowman

Cyborg Jungle

The Tarot of Dr. Tingler

The Sharkman of Blood Falls


the ugliest monster day ever
the incredibly boring people who became human targets just to have a good time and be famous?!!!!? 
yeah no.


"Nigel Woodley And His Double Decker Gunbus Of The Apocalypse"
There are few things more beautiful than a sporting montage with a soft-rock soundtrack


George W. Bush, the daily life
yeah no.


Survive Monster Island (starring users)


The Brains From Planet Arous vs. The Zombie Horde
It! The Monster From Space vs. The Howling Mad Werewolf
Journey to the Depths of Jupiter's Moon
Rock 'n' Roll Wrestling Women vs. The Asian Ghost Girl
The Invisible Alien From the Void That Tried to Consume the World
"This above all: To thine own self be true!"


The old VHS instructional vids...

"Hunting with Dick Chaney" 


The Conquering Killer Mutant Martian Ostrich Army That Attaked Earth