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Author Topic: Interactive Bad Movie: Imminent Danger  (Read 13321 times)
Doc Daneeka
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It's neVer over!

« Reply #15 on: October 31, 2007, 06:37:36 AM »

The two manage to travel from California to Las Vegas in seconds, to arrive at Don Don's delicatessan thingy

Phearson: Here it is!

Rebecca: This is your uncle's restaurant?

Phearson: Step-uncle.

The two go inside, and are greeted by Don himself

Don: Ah, a fair lady, how nice to-

Don sees his nephew, well step-nephew

Don: You!? Ohh, it's you... who is this?

Phearson: This is my gir- um.. love- um.. bi- um.. se- um.. co-worker, Rebecca Forster.

Rebecca: This is your uncle?

Don: Step-uncle.

Rebecca: Which means?

Phearson: It means that during a hypothetical moment of high-duress, I won't hesitate to kill him.

Don growls, Phearson sneers, a voice comes from another room

Hamburg: Donnie! I need you in here!

Don: s**t!!

Don sulkily storms in, Randy and Rebecca follow, curious

Don: Stay away!

They don't, and follow Don into the back-room. Inside is Hamburg, still encased in concrete shoes

Hamburg: Another free meal!

Don: Oh, comon Hamster, you're getting fat, that doesn't help you in going against the government or whatever!

Hamburg: Yeah, but this is Mafia food! Some of the rare food that no government has no hand in, I feel better than I have in years! Speaking of, can I go out to the back kitchen where you torture informants and grind them up to put in the "members-only" specials? You know, those government agents are filled with all kinds of nutrients...

Don: Get him the damn special...

Waiter: "that" special?

Don: I wish...

Don exits the room, pushing the others out with him

Don: So why are you here?

As if on cue, the second moped rider speeds up to the restaurant!

Rebecca/Randy: That's why!

Don: Gwedo, Bruno, get in here!

Don, Randy, Rebecca, and the heavies appear at the front door, Don and the heavies pick up three tommyguns and fill the moped full of lead! The thing explodes.

Don: Now tell me, why are you two darkening the doorstep of this fine restaurant-

They are about to tell him, when the moped man emerges, he's part robot! It begins heavily pacing towards the door

Rebecca: Oh no!

Gwedo and Bruno: Oh no!

Suddenly, Hamburg enters, cement shoes broken into individual shoes, with a home-made grenade, ready to save the day!

Hamburg: Stand back! This'll be messy!

Hamburg chucks the grenade at the robot rider, which does not do anything, and barely distracts the machine

Hamburg: Ignore that.

Hamburg shuffles away again, leaving our frightened heroes and annoyed Don

Don: dammit, I thought I wouldn't have to do this...

Don takes out an overly-elaborate remote control from his tux, and presses a button on it. Suddenly, a nuclear-explosion-esque-explosion comes from the precise spot the robo-rider was on and blows it to kingdom come!

Don: Now tell me.

cut to Don escorting the others across the restaurant

Don: You mean to tell me that you are on the trail of a mad scientist and some zombie-freak experiements? That's the most ridiculous story I have ever heard!

Phearson: It's true! I can understand if you don't believe us, but-

Don: Actually, Hamster in the back has been rambling on about that very subject for quite a while now

The trio (sans the heavies) meet Hamburg, still trying to shuffle back to his room

Hamburg: I know some zomboids...


Commando: Sir! Subordinate Vernon has been missing for 2 minutes now sir!

Major: As I ordered, he's looking around that Engelem character's lab for clues

Lzesl enters from the woods, somehow furthur unharmed

Lzesl: Bah! I can't find them anywhere, if I didn't know better I'd say that they're not even in the woods anymore... Oh, I suppose you are the interlopers Engelem told me to destroy whenever possible?

Major: I'll take note of that for whenever possible

Lzesl: Ah, so you are. I am Dr. Lzesl, Dr. Engelem's partner, I'll help you set up some arrangements here- ...but you're on your own after that...


Major: I think we'll make our own tents.

Lzesl: You need not make the effort, there are hmhmhmmm, 11 of you? I was informed of 12.


Vernon: Very interesting indeed

Vernon suddenly notices the spot in the floor Engelem told them to step on earlier, suspicious, he approaches the panel closer and closer until he finally stops directly on top of it. Surprise, surprise, a secret door opens below Vernon, letting him fall into darkness below! From the pit we hear lots of screaming (from Vernon) and snarling (from something else)


Major: It's only because I'm twice the man.

Lzesl (shrug): I can live with that

OUT ON THE ROAD, WE SEE THE OUTSIDER (from a weird side-angle where we still don't see it's face of main body) SNIFF AROUND ON THE GROUND, GROWL AND FOLLOW THE PATH TO VEGAS
For the latest on the fifth installment in Don Coscarelli's Phantasm saga.
Mortal Envelope
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« Reply #16 on: October 31, 2007, 10:17:19 AM »

The camera shows the backside of the beast from quite a's shadow immense, walking towards the great city of Vegas.  It is illuminated from the great flashing lights of the city of sin!  At the edge of the town it is passed by two tripped out guys in a caddy who wiz on by while the debris kicks up as they wigg out completely, not knowing if what they saw was even real.  The driver drops his cigarrette and they drive on.  The beast growls with annoyance and screams.

It stomps into the bright lights of the big city faster than "sheeewsh!" creating havoc at once!  Each step makes the ground quake, smashing the windows of any nearby buildings.  It starts thrashing everything in sight!  Prostitutes, gamblers, two-bit magicians, Elvis impersonators, and drunks scatter, running like Hell as the beast clotheslines the corner of nearby buildings, smashing them to bits and sending chuncks of wall and mortar into the streets!  Bloody bodies and smashed cars litter the streets.  We only see the backside of this hairy beast that has somehow grown to nearly two stories high!

Emergency vehicles show up to no avail!  The great beast grabs a cop car and flings it upsidedown onto other grabs a fire truck and starts spinning it around, slamming it into an Elvis shrine pyramid thingy.  Electric bolts surge everywhere, causing all sorts of explosions and fires!  The monster grabs two coppers, clutching their throats, one in each hand before delivering a double-choke slam from Hell(TM).  The city goes wild!

More cops show up to receive more chokeslams, one after another (it's the shadow beast's trademark move apparently).  Reporters show up with mics and cameras, snapping flash after flash, asking the most retarded questions, which only infuriates the great beast. 

But this beast isn't in the mood for any interviews.  After it utterly destroys the papparazzi(sp?) faster than Bjork mauled that reporter in Thailand, it finally gets close enough to the camera that we can see its horrible face!

Anyone left alive in the area screams to high heaven...the beast's face is a cross between...

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Doc Daneeka
The Game is Finished?
Frightening Fanatic of Horrible Cinema

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It's neVer over!

« Reply #17 on: November 03, 2007, 03:10:36 PM »

We don't get to see the beast's face, for it cuts away yet again to Commander Jim assaulting the monster with a hailstorm of bullets! We then see the monster's face as it turns around, the Outsider's gruesome visage resembles that of an elephant crossed with a rhino. On the tip of the Outsider's trunk there is a large horn, the which he uses to unceremoniously impale Jim, throw him a few miles away, and walk on


Roy: Oh my God, that's that monster from Engelem's lab!

Horace says nothing, but simply runs off, leaving Roy

Roy: Oh come on!

Roy takes off after Horace, the Outsider behind him. Tensely the chase appraoches Don's restaurant.


From The Outsider's trunk sprouts a mass of tentacles

Roy: It's assimilating me!

Thankfully, before this can happen Gwedo, Bruno, and Hamburg reach the door, the former two armed with tommy guns

Horace: Look Roy! It's General Hamburg! He'll save us!!

Brackenberg runs toward Hamburg, but, it's too late for him as he is slammed against the wall by The Outsider's trunk. The two heavies fire wildly into The Outsider, but instead only manage to hit Roy over and over, tearing him in two. Thankfully this allows him to fall out of The Outsider's grip, hurt but basically unarmed. His one-armed body picks up his one-armed chest and both parts make a break for the restaurant, where they disappear inside the building. The patrons, albeit apathetic about the tommyguns are rather flabbergasted by the appearance of the patchwork man. Meanwhile, The Outsider itself unharmed easily chokeslams Gwedo. The force of this blow makes the ground shake and the front of the building fall, barely missing our protagonists. Unsatsified, The Outsider roars and makes it's way away from Las Vegas, smashing everything in it's path and disappears offscreen.


Don: What was that?

Hamburg: I suppose I could tell you... I don't know. But I can theorize that it was Dr. Engelem's greatest, most evil experiment ever!

Phearson: And is this one of Engelem's experiments too?

Roy: ...Yeah...

Bruno and Don start pushing rocks to make an exit, they uncover Gwedo, then Brackenberg, both possibly dead

Roy: Poor crazed fool

Hamburg: Yeah, the poor lunatic... Who was it anyway?

From off the screen, a bleeding Jim stumbles up to the others!

Commander Jim: 39 steps...

And with this, our once major character speaks his perhaps final words

Commander Jim: ...Is boring as hell

And collapses


Major: Now that Mr. Hunchback is gone, we can really start to drill this son of a-

Shot out from a spout outside comes Subordiante Vernon with a spray of blood!


The Major dashes over to his subordinate, torn and battered

Vernon: Watch... that... second... step...

Vernon falls limp. Close up on the Major with murder in his eyes


Engelem: Curse Commander Jim! Curse that major! Curse the government of Las Vegas![/i]

Lzesl: Umm, sir... I've received word that The Outsider escaped from conflict unharmed

Engelem's mood instantly changes

Engelem: HAHAA! Excellent! Those fools thought they could destroy my greatest creation?? Wait till my plan really begins!

Engelem then inexplicably activates the trap-hole again, and Lzesl falls through into the other beast's lair

Lzesl: AAAAAAA!!!!!!! What'd you do that for!?

Engelem: I was caught up in the moment, sorry.


Engelem: Wait just a second, I'll get the rope!

Engelem begins messing with some stuff as we cut to...
For the latest on the fifth installment in Don Coscarelli's Phantasm saga.
Mortal Envelope
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« Reply #18 on: November 03, 2007, 05:26:17 PM »

...the fire place in the dark cave with Guy and the old man in the mountain in the canyon in the desert...just outside of Vegas!

Guy, sitting across the fire from the old man, " is it you want old dude...cause you're kinda creepin' me out"

Old Man, "you want this...don't you" as he gestures to a toy light saber sitting on the arm rest of his chair"

Guy, "no"

Old Man, "NO?!"

Guy, "yeah man, I'm more of a Trekkie than a Star Wars geek!"

Old Man, "ahh that will change...once you get OLDER!"

Guy, freaked out, stands up, knocking over his chair by the fire, in the cave, in the mountain, in the canyon, in the desert, near Vegas, "how could you know that?!"

Old Guy, "because I'm you ya dork, only much older! I've traveled back in time to warn you...and prepare you"

Guy, "prepare me for what? what warning?!"

Old Guy, "the beast has one weakness and only one weakness thing that will repel the horrible monstrosity you can save your friends!"

Guy, "I don't have any friends... those others...they were just in the cloning tanks next to mine..."

Old Guy, "shudddup!  Take this is the ultimate weapon it to the beast"

The Old Guy hands Guy a bootleg copy of...
Doc Daneeka
The Game is Finished?
Frightening Fanatic of Horrible Cinema

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It's neVer over!

« Reply #19 on: November 09, 2007, 05:21:20 PM »


Old Guy: I didn't really get it, but it looked like everyone else did, kept saying "gimme the tape, you fuggin' idiot!" And the rest... is history

Guy: And in your futuree this... SAVED THE WOOOOORRRRRLLLLD??

Old Guy: I dunno, I kinda fell backwards into a time-portal with it and ended up here, but I hope they got out alright even without it, eh?

Guy: Probably not.

Old Guy: You're probably right.

Guy: Now, if this tape is the only thing I need to SAVE THE WORLD-

Old Guy: You need to learn balance... physical balance so you don't fall into any time portals. ...Or big trap holes

Guy: Cool! Do I fall into any in of those?

Old Guy: No, but I do! Anything you can teach me about balance?

Guy: Well, before you can walk, you need to learn how to step.

Old Guy: Good! We'll start there. Now, before you can walk, we need to learn how to step. First, you lift your leg...


Phearson: We'll need everyone's help: First we need to find out how to beat that thing, once we do that, we can harvest it's corpse and track the raw material back to Engelem!

Roy: Hey, mr. scientist. I still remember, I can take you back to Engelem

Phearson: Alright then, first, we'll call the authorities to hold that thing off, then we'll go to Engelem's lab and beat the secret to defeating it out of him... And it's Randy

Roy: I'm Roy, and we still need to beat that thing first!

Phearson: Do you realize how much time that would waste?

Roy: It's minorly wounded, we need to get it before it recovers... it's tracking me, we'll have to face it down either way, so we should do it now, while all of us are still alive

They look towards the grievously injured bodies of Jim, Gwedo, and Horace, all on stretchers

Rebecca: Someone needs to stay here to help them.

Don: I can help them.

Don produces a revolver, putting it to Brackenberg's head

Phearson: No!

Hamburg: WAAAIITT!!

Don: WHAT??

Hamburg: You can't do that!

Don: Why not?

Hamburg: Mafioso's honor!

Don: There is no mafiso honor! The Godfather gave us that stupid image!

Sad and mad looks from everyone else

Don: Okay, either they go, or they go!

Rebecca: They're injured...

Don: I can't just force the customers to go with us to be fodder!

Rebecca: Why do they have to go?

Don: They can still be some much-needed help, and they don't have the consciousness to decide for themselves, let's move out!
For the latest on the fifth installment in Don Coscarelli's Phantasm saga.
Bad Movie Lover

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I think these komodos need to leave this cruise.

« Reply #20 on: November 11, 2007, 03:01:33 PM »

Meanwhile, in a small bunker in the middle of the desert near Las Vegas....

Keenan McDaniels (played by Josh Hartnet), clad in desert cam, gazing outside, a machine gun in one hand and a radio in other. He is talking to someone over the radio.

Keenan: No sign of the target or anything, for that matter, Major. When the hell do I get to pull out of here? I'm hungry, tired, thirsty, and possibly going insane.

Major: (replying over the radio) You'll stay out there until The Outsider reaches your position, then you call the air strike, then you can drag your whiny carcass back to Tokyo, understood Captain?

Keenan: Understood sir. (flicks radios off) Now where did I put those scotch and burgers?

"The only three things I hate are demons, malfunctioning robots, and monster movies that don't show you the monster."
Mortal Envelope
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« Reply #21 on: November 12, 2007, 10:39:23 AM »

Keenan locates a crate of scotch and gets saucy.

Keenan, drunk as hell, thinks he sees the Outsider, "duuuar-der it is...I'm gonna <slur> ...I said...I said I'ma gonna getcha! <ralphs on himself>

He turns to no one in particular and slurs, "waaatch dis s**t" as he calls in an airstrike using an experimental rocket spiked with some strange chemicals"

Unfortunately for Rosie O'Donnel, she didn't see this strike coming...she's blasted into a nuclear mushroom cloud, which sends her staggering off into the desert...befuddled, but not down.  She stomps mindlessly and somewhat zombie-like towards the city of Vegas, moaning the yard.  Vegas, already burning from the other beast becomes fixated in her hungry eyes.  She lurches on...

About this time...Guy rushes out of the cave, stumbling up out of the valley with his copy of Manos.  He sees a '79 Pinto nearby and he somehow slides his zombie body over the hood of the car in an over-the-top Dukes of Hazzard-style melodrama, hops in through the window, pulls down the visor, grabs the keys and starts 'er up.  Someone left a disco 8-track in the player, which blares KC and the Sunshine band.

The engine roars as Guy does a few dusty donuts in the desert sand, bustin his ass pronto towards Las Vegas!  Ok, well not really pronto as we get some Manos-style slow driving footage for a very long time...a very long time.

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I think these komodos need to leave this cruise.

« Reply #22 on: November 12, 2007, 10:22:28 PM »

The Outsider is still choakslamming everything it encounters to hell.

Major: (over radio to Keenan): A radar satellite picked up the airstrike. Is the Outsider eliminated?

Keenan: (instantly sobers up, whispering): Oh s**t. Oh s**t! *throws away scotch* I've gotta leave that stuff alone until the victory party. I'll have to make up a little white lie for now... *into radio* Uh... no, The Outsider isn't down, but the airstrike hurt him pretty bad. If you could get some fighter jets or attack choppers in here, that should finish him off.

Major: Alright, F-22s on the way. Stay around and watch the fireworks, will ya?

Keenan: Will do, sir. *puts radio away* Ok, that should do it. But I still oughta leave the booze alone until we're sure the mission's acomplished... A few cheeseburgers won't hurt, though.

"The only three things I hate are demons, malfunctioning robots, and monster movies that don't show you the monster."
Mortal Envelope
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« Reply #23 on: November 13, 2007, 10:44:25 AM »

We flash back to Guy's boring Manos-style footage of driving.  He hits a bump on the road and spills his coffee next to the mustard-stain on his Bobba Fett t-shirt, "damn it all to hell!"

When he looks up, he sees a hitchiker standing off the side of the road so naturally, he slows down to get a better look.  After looking over the stranger and deducing he's not very threatening, he stops to let him in.

The gentleman (played by Panthro) is a tall, slender African American with a mustache and goatee, dressed in a very classy black suit with a red tie and a black top hat.  He carries a walking cane in one hand and a violin case in the other. 

He does a Dukes of Hazzard slide through the window on the passenger's side.  In a British accent, he introduces himself, "Hi Guy...they call me Scratch" and as he says this, we the audience hear an evil hiss of a cello in the background. 

Guy looks back and forth and behind the seat, "what was that sound? where is it coming from?"

Scratch, "oh that...that's nothin' -don't worry about that"

Guy, who kinda reminds me of Chris on the Family Guy suddenly realizes that this hitchhiker knew his name...but then he forgets about that before he can mention it because he's distracted by the bobble-head on the dash and the fuzzy dice, "wooow fuzzy dice."

The camera catches the view of the very vulnerable tail end of the Pinto as it speeds off towards the sunset as we hear more evil hissing music in the background.

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Hey, I'm in the situation room ! ! !

« Reply #24 on: November 13, 2007, 10:46:36 AM »

Cut back to Keenan and the Major.

Major: Would you like some milk and coooooooooooookies?

Keenan: You betcha Major.

The Major steps outside into the hot desert oven returning with some cookies.


Bad Movie Lover

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I think these komodos need to leave this cruise.

« Reply #25 on: November 13, 2007, 07:49:24 PM »

Keenan: Kickass, cookies! Wait... How'd you get here? We were several dozen miles away from each other.

Major: When you get promoted, Captain, you'll be able to do al kinds of awesome stuff like teleport. Now have some cookies!

Keenan: Don't mind if I do, sir!

Meanwhile, The Outsider is...

"The only three things I hate are demons, malfunctioning robots, and monster movies that don't show you the monster."
Mortal Envelope
Bad Movie Lover

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« Reply #26 on: November 14, 2007, 11:17:59 AM »

meanwhile...the outsider is thrashing around one of Trump's casinos.  The bright lights do nothing but further infuriate the great beast.  He stomps around, shaking the ground and smashing buildings like Yongary does to a cardboard box.

Suddenly, tanks roll up and start firing on the beast.  A couple planes emerge from out west and machine gun fire rips into the beast, but it just makes it more irate.  It does a running jump onto a tank, smashing it to bits and hurls the remains into the on-coming plane, which naturally crashes into the other plane.  The other tank decides to head on out.  A rocket-launching truck pulls up, but due to it's lower-cost, offshore construction, it naturally doesn't fire like it's supposed to, not that the rocket would really do any good to this beast!

Just when the audience thinks the commotion is over we hear the sputtering engine of an old s**tty Pinto...but somewhat worse, we also hear a dreadful moan from another lurking beast, who's just come upon the east side of's Rosie!

Rosie, with knuckles dragging, fixes her eyes on the Outsider and moans a dreadful tune, "baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrr!"

Outsider, looking back, gives her the a***ole Look(TM) and gestures to bring it on, "grraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwl!"

Rosie seems to accept the challenge and starts her juggernaut-like run, starting slow but quickly gaining speed, waddling to and fro...she trashes right over a giant Elvis statue, "raaaaaaaaaawr" heading right for the Outsider.

The Outsider, looking excited to have some kind of challenge, stomps towards the chemically-enhanced zombie Rosie, trashing a few more buildings and choke slamming a few bystanders on the way...

They meet in the center of town, crashing into one another, causing a near-earthquake ...right in front of...
Frightening Fanatic of Horrible Cinema

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Hey, I'm in the situation room ! ! !

« Reply #27 on: November 14, 2007, 05:59:14 PM »

......Big Bertha's house who comes downstair due the noisy interuption of a rerun of WHAT'S HAPPENING. Enraged Big Bertha choke slams Rosie into granuals of sand forming a land bridge between the Eastern United States and the European continent. Big Bertha then looks to The Outsider. The Outsider looking at Big Bertha shrugs his shoulders.

The Outsider: I didn't do anything.

Big Bertha runs upstairs and comes down with some suitcases and skips off towards Europe and The Outsider follows...............

Mortal Envelope
Bad Movie Lover

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« Reply #28 on: November 14, 2007, 06:17:28 PM »

(oops forgot about the land bridge there...sorry)

The Outsider is madly in love with Big Bertha (played by Martin Lawrence in a fat suit); it was love at first choke slam.  It is finally lulled enough to relax a little, following her like a love sick puppy.  He hops in the luggage compartment of the plane she just boarded... somehow secretly...seen only by Guy as he approaches in his sputtering car.

Guy and Scratch pull up in the dusty rusty Pinto just as the plane leaves the airport.  Guy studders and sobs a bit while holding his copy of Manos towards the sky, "I didn't even get to use it!" - he turns to look but Scratch is gone...only his violin case remains.   

Guy grabs the case and gets out of the Pinto just as everyone else arrives in the Don's A-Team van (queue A-Team music theme)

Roy: "they got away!"

Hamburg jumps out the back of the van in an over-the-top and totally unecessary action roll: "Where did they go?!"

Melvin Nossex, poking his head out the passenger window: "what the hell is goin' on here?

Don Don: "who the hell are you?"

Guy, "d-d-damn...there's t-too many peeps to keep track of!"

Roy, "stop ending your sentences with a preposition!"

Keenan stumbles out of the van, "how the hell did I get here!"

Major (on the phone, screaming at Keenan): "eat some more cookies and shuddup!"

Some old lady wakes up in the gravel nearby: "who the hell am I?!"

Rebecca, "man...we fit in that van like circus clowns!"

The voice in Don Don's head, "pancakes...pancakes!"

Goatee Ninja drops out from under the van (must have hitched a ride): "I'm still alive biatches! woooooooooooo"

Roy, "how do we catch them?!"

Rebecca, "look...we could use that land bridge to follow them"

Guy wimpers, "b-b-but where'd they go?"

Phearson: "I think...I think they went to Europe...more specifically, I think they're heading to...
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« Reply #29 on: November 17, 2007, 11:46:07 PM »

dammit!i'm typing this AGAIN!!and still ignoring recent posts,as i haven't caught up..

meanwhile,back at the lab...t
Lsezl and engelem are bombarding peace's tube with red radiation when another of the lost monsrosities returns!it is a giant mosquito,with a human is screaming'help me",while it divebombs into lsezl's immediately spiys out the blood,anmd tries for engelem..his blood is just as bad .apparently,as the creature begins to weep,and batter itself against peace's tube,screamimg"sweet blood,i must have sweet blood!"
engelem rushes to open the tube,as lsezl mans the camera,from a prudent distance..the creature hovers at the same distance,it seems to know that the docxtor is trying to help..
peace slowly and clumsily emerges from her induced coma,and the tube,while the creature latches onto her neck screaming"sweet blood!"she tears it away from her saying"you think i'm sweet?macho pig!i'll drink your blood,and find guy,my forever love!"
the camera zooms in to her face,and her stitches are all gone!she has become what looks like a normal human again,thanks to the radiation,combined with the creature's venom..

don't EVEN...EVER!
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