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The Giant Claw

Started by Andrew, January 10, 1999, 11:09:05 PM

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A flying squawking broomstick in the same league as Reptilicus (minus the color). An absolute delight to watch.
Awful beyond belief but truly delightful.


This is one of my favourites.  I saw it in the 60's then luckily it was on TV at 3 am a few years ago so I have it on video.  I love Pierre the best. He screams - "La Cacanya it has the face of a woman and the body of a bird"( or words just like it.)
The claw at the end- terrifying.  A great movie which I will share with my 4 year old child soon.

Al Baffy

I watched this movie when I was about 8 years old in the 60's and I was impressed at the time. The day after I watched it I directed a little play about it at our bus stop with other kids. I played the buzzard. If any adults were watching out their windows they probably laughed their asses off. I still enjoy it with amusement whenever I can see it today.  


With all the computer generated effects / creatures of today, The Claw seems a clumsy attempt at Sci/Fi horror.  In the early '60's with only 4 channels of black and white TV with lots of static and snow (no cable back then) and waiting all week for the Saturday night horror show, this was a masterpiece of entertainment.  It's amazing what used to make us happy.


I have a real weakness for the early scifi/monsters movies that were made in the 50's and 60's. Maybe the special effects aren't on a par with whats available today but the spirit and atmosphere make up for alot with me. I've often wondered what seeing one of these movies at the theater at that time would have been like. But this movie is one of the good ones. Definitely enjoyable to watch even if the science is a little shaky.. But I do think that Georgiann has the right idea about the drinks. And does anyone else think that the bird looks alot like Gonzo from the muppets?    


I'm a real fan of those 50's sci-fi movies and this one really trips me out. I remember when seeing this movie on those Saturday afternoon monster movies back in the day and I always get a big kick out of looking at the "The Giant Road Runner". And the Applejack I want some of that stuff.


How can anyone be obsessed with this tribute to cheesy, impudent, highly overrated waste of a cameraman's effort? To take the time and watch it through is like taking an hour off your life span - you go back a hundred years in competence when things like this are absorbed into your mind. This thing needs to be forgotten, all records destroyed in a holy and fiery sacrifice, and all descendants of anyone involved in the production or creation of this poor excuse of an eye-rottener need to be shot or hung. Nuff said.

First trip to the theater when I was about 6 years old and this movie was showing. Don't care if the damn strings were showing, it scared the crap out of me! Does anyone know how to obtain a copy of this classic?


I think I will go home tonight and put my copy in and watch it again. :)

martha bruce

Every time I think about this movie, I laugh until I wet myself! (Thank God for Depends!-HA!HA!)
It was SO awful that it was GOOD!
I read somewhere that the puppet used for the "Bird" came from Mexico (I think the maker had too much tequila!)
The actors in this film are remembered because this film was such a howler!
(wonder if they ever lived it down!)
Gotta go...



This is the BEST bad B movie ever made. One thing you didn't mention in your review is this. When Mitch ,Sally and Pierre are looking for the nest Mitch calls Pierre PEPE.
How did a Canadian Frenchman become Mexican. Only in this movie. One more thing....I think they used Jeff Morrow as the proto-type for "Clutch Cargo" . You know the cartoon in the 60's  that had only the mouth move.


One thing I learned about this movie is that sky divers are crunchy.One of my favorites.I don't see why alot of people hate this movie.Bad effects and all it's still one of the best B movies from the 50's.Quit trying to compare the Claw with Gaos. The Claw was a lot more terrifying.


This is my most favorite B movie of all time.  However this website is missing two of the best scenes from the movie.  Firstly, at the end of the movie, the scene where the claw slowly sinks into the ocean is absolutely priceless.  Secondly, the shots from the weather balloon of the approaching bird - this is the scene that I always remember when I think of this movie.  I especially like the last frame where all you see is the bird's eye!  If I can ever get decent bit - frames of that scene together, I'd put together a screen saver that would keep everybody laughing for hours, and I'd send it to everyone on this site!  If anyone has some good bitmaps of that scene or know where I can acquire a dvd version of the movie (the link on this website is no longer valid) please let me know.

Tom Bright

Actually had a good scene. The series of snaps the balloon camera took had a certain drama as the frames sequenced. Real research is kind of like that, so in a way it really was good for 8-year-old boys. And the hours of dead cinema between the crackling parts was very much like school. Even terrific special effects don't save movies that are obviously killing time (Godzilla the Remake!).


You know you're at the epitome of boredom when it strikes you to do a Google search for "La Cacanya". To think I used to keep my younger brother "in line" with the threat of feeding him to it back in the 60's! After all, Rome, NY was just a few hours away from Canada, and who knows if there were more of them things?

I wonder if one of the movie studios would consider a remake with "Lucas Arts" type graphics. Only this time have it decide to nest in southern Afghanistan, or even Iraq.  Even with the addition of the "A-A-A-A-A-I-I-I-I-E-E-E-E-E-E-E!!!!" from "Johnny Quest" or "Caveman" added in each time it snatches up some terrorist. Or is that "racial stereotyping" of Arabs?

After all "La Cacanya" ranks right up there with "ROOK!!! GODZIRRA!!!"
Actually, it may exceed it except where Godzilla does his dance or uses Karate on his foe.

I always wondered what she'd look like after she finished moulting.