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The Giant Claw

Started by Andrew, January 10, 1999, 11:09:05 PM

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David Brown

     I would like to comment on the identification of the bird in "Giant Claw".  While its body is indeed like a vulture's, its beak structure is identical to that of a flamingo.  Based on its distinctive beak, plus its long neck, I would say that it is a giant flamingo.  I, for one, find the monster interesting and gruesome.  If proerly animated, it could have been sinister.


You forgot to mention that they figure out that the anti-matter shield drops so the bird can eat.  So, instead of working up the bizarre experimental device to temporary shut down the shield so they can shoot it, why not just fill a train car with poisoned cows?

Bird Poop

Wonderfully atrocious, brilliant in its inanity, glorious in its putridness. It's the "I'm Koo-Koo For Cocoa Puffs Bird" on acid!! Yet, there IS something creepy about its look, especially in closeup. Sort of like a bird like version of the Joker. I have a rare 8mm short version of the movie that I used to show at my birthday parties when I was a kid. The fun part was running it backwards. Dig that giant claw slowly sinking into the sea at the end - what a delicious, full bodied "chicken" soup it would make!!


Found "THE GIANT CLAW" video at a libary sale table for 50 cents. "Serious and having fun"  ??? or why is General Buskirk always touching someone??? Mesons , yes they are for real.. even a B-Mason, maybe named for this B movie??
Watch it you'll have fun and look for all those pictures of George Washington in all the offices. "remember that??"
The only thing I found to be of anti-matter in this film was the crazy kids jalopi.. after the bird drops it, it vaporizes into atomic particles. Much better move than "The Mantis".

Todd Shields

How could anybody HATE this movie? It's so goddamn goofy that you can't help but love it.
WARNING: Do not watch THE GIANT CLAW without smoking some killer reefer. Doing so may cause incurible sanity and a strange erge to join the Republican party.

Mr. Murphy

Attack of a deranged muppet! This is so much fun, you can enjoy it even if you're sober!


born 1948 started watching all the old classics in black and white and then in semi-color in the mid 50's with my mother who was a monster fan herself. since childhood i have never slept much. together seen them all on the late night t.v. million dollar movies growing up in n.y.c. to this day i watch them and enjoy them with wonderful memories of my mother long gone.i passed on that joy with my children and grandchildren who also enjoy them, from the 40/50/60/'s these old and sometimes funny classics and the actors will span many gerations. my thanks to all of them

Bertram Feotam

Woa! I need some Apple -Jack after seeing this!  A great film for a outdoor drive-in. And that Sausage Train...what a ride...Maybe they should have called it "The Wacky Crow"
or "The Big Bird That Wasn't".  For some reason... pilots don't like this movie..


I saw this movie at a science fiction convention in 1992, and just about died of pleasure when I realized that the monster must have been the inspiration for the monster in the Transformers episode "The Secret of Omega Supreme."  Adding to the coolness was that the middle-aged fan of classic B-movies who was screening this movie for us actually expressed an interest in seeing that Transformers episode after I told him about it.  Aah, good memories.  :-)

Mark Radburn

The Giant Claw is a great movie the Monster Bird does not look funny it looks scary and it's really gonna scare ya pants off The Giant Claw has great miniatures, fantastic acting, and good actors. The Giant Claw is a masterpiece a must-not-miss film you'll love to watch this movie.

Born in the 50s

I saw this movie once in the 60s (I had forgotten its name), but it left an indelible impression on me.  Maybe the wicked stomach virus I just caught (Mommy, I sick!) inspired the flashback.  I specifically remember the scene where a man shepherds his child into a shelter as The Claw approaches.  The next scene is of the burned remains of the shelter.  The message I got was, "See, kids, even your parents and their fallout shelters can't keep you safe (from nuclear war)."

David Lee Ingersoll


The film has a fanatistic story yet the monster looks more like the Giant Condor from Godzilla VS the Sea Monster.

Sir Graves

An absolute treat for an unsuspecting 8 year old one cloudy saturday Michigan afternoon in 1966.
The scene where the unlucky parachuteer becomes crunchy birdfeed was forever etched in my memory as one of the scariest scenes of my life, and I had never forgotten it.
Until i found it here , I had only seen this fine piece of Pre-NAFTA filmmaking that one time only.
Also, the P-Chute jumpers scramble sequence, as they bolt out the plane from their lo-budget  card table is pretty funny too.


Hello everyone and welcome to either Science Fiction Theather or Creature Feature this was on both back in ST.Louis on Ch.30,(of course we could see The Hooded Claw terrorize Penelope Pitstop,or Inspector Gadget taking on Dr.Claw),anyway this Rodan Gaos wannabe came from,well either outer space or was affected by radiation,whichever,take your slimpickings,this seemingly indestructable Buzzard Beast has a force of antimatter around it,so's it can't die within the first 40mins,see the big buzzard fly around and well pick up plains trains and automobiles,plus a very lame attack on New York City,and some scientists who finally are able to penetrate the antimatter around it,after that the thing is easily destroyed,Rodan and Gaos would have a feild day fighting this looser!.