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Howard the Duck

Started by Andrew, June 07, 1999, 08:01:20 PM

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Earth's feathered champion is a visitor from outer space who looks decidedly like a walking, talking, beer guzzling duck.

Andrew Borntreger

Now this is the kind of bad movie i love, Big budget bomds!. Man was this bad!. This should prove to Star Wars fans that not everything lucas touches turns to gold.

Do ya think MST3K knows about this flik? With a midget in a feathered suit an Laya Thompson looking like a punk-smurf, THIS movie defines kink! It was bad. It was tacky. On the whole it SUCKED! Which is why I have to say... I REALLY LOVE THIS MOVIE!!! I've had dreams about Lea T. since th' first Back To The Future. This movie is so bent it just confirmed my lust, correction, love for her... Wuz that politically correct or what?! Just proves what you can REALLY do with great effects an' a duck suit that would make Jim Henson roll over in his grave.

Warren H.

I LOVE this movie!  It has everything you could want: ducks, chicks, lasers, monsters, and Jeffrey Jones.  It even has a Cabover Peterbilt hauling arse.

Paul Westbrook

I saw this movie in the summer of 1986. 3 times to be exact. I did not see it for the plot.[As if there was one to begin with] I saw it to look at Lea Thompson. She was the best thing about the whole film. Lea woud probably want to forget she was ever in this movie, but I count it as the movie that introduced me to the Lovely Lea.

This is undoubtedly the greatest film EVER!!! The plot, the special effects, the script, the jokes....I could go on forever. If only I could have a pet Howard for myself. If I ever find anybody who doesn't like this film, I will slap their dad!

Howard the Duck is one of gods gifts to the film industry.  It is a masterpiece of modern (?!) cinematography and Lea Thompson is a mega babe.  The acting is great, well maybe not, but I like to think it's great.  Worthy of an oscar for bad guy dialogue.  Ciao.


This movie reminds me too much of my bad youth.  I think its pretty sad that a movie about a duck represents most of my youth...I need to start watching better movies

Iain Anglin

Howard the Duck is a classic ''bad movie," that is why I think it is a really good movie. I used to rent this movie eveyday growing up, well also Ghostbusters too.  This movie has great special effects for back in 1986, Jeffery Jones was creepy and hilarious as the scientist who gets possessed by the Dark Overlord, and Lea Thompson in her underwear, oh yeah!!!.  To sum it all up, Howard the Duck is a great film that everyone has to see at least once.  WHY DID GEORGE LUCAS DISOWN THIS FILM, STAR WARS: EPISODE 1 wasn't all that great either.

A gulity Pleasure in every sense of the word. The Plot is insane, but fun anyway. Tim robbins is funny, Lea thompson is sexy and Howard the duck is also funny. The movie is entertaining if you  can overlook how loony it is. I really liked this movie as a kid and now Tts a gulity pleasure.          


I actually SAW this movie when it came out. Luckily I don't remember much about it I do remeber that I wished I hadn't wasted my money. If I had rented it and watched at home I won't have minded so much.Bad movles don't seem so bad on the small screen in fact I like them but maybe it has something to do with the lousy popcorn in theaters and the fact that they change 6 bucks for it.Actually how do they get us to spend our hard earned money on these movies same as how they get us to buy the popcorn? Did ya ever get extra butter figuring that it would help the taste of the popcorn and the butter was COLD!!!

Stupid Jacob

I hate this movie. It is the 2nd worst comic book flick ever. (number 1 being Batman and Robin. brrr)


This movie is KILLER!!! Based on the awesome Marvel Comic book character, Howard is a sarcastic bastard. The comic book was better but since Lucasfilms did make this movie for the 80's Gi Joe, He Man & Transformers crowd (me back then)it is to be expected that it would be lamer than the book. BTW the lamest comic movies ever made are The Fantastic Four followed by Captain America, followed by The Punisher (coolest thing about this movie was the knife)


I really love this movie, I dont know why, all my friend hate it and think it sucks. I guess the only reason that i like it coz it came out the year i was born and it's been a childhood favorite ever since!!! I know i know messed up childhood right? maybe that why im so messed up these days!
Well I think that i've never ever met n e one who likes it as much as i do, That might be why i like it too! Because i hate it when every like something grrr... well all you howard the duck lovers out there feel free to e mail me @ Vuja de

Paul Westbrook

I thought I would talk some more about this film. This is one of the movies I found so much fun to see at the tender age of 16. Who's That Girl, was another, but it came out one year later. Oh well. It's still an eighties movie.