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COVID-19 Rant

Started by indianasmith, March 11, 2020, 10:13:00 PM

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Quote from: El Misfit on July 20, 2020, 05:20:08 PM
Quote from: Newt on July 18, 2020, 01:17:14 PM
And wasn't there something about the Governor of Georgia suing the Mayor of Atlanta over the city requiring masks?   Suing.  Suing. :buggedout:   :twirl: :twirl: :twirl:
And then said that mask wearing is mandatory.

:buggedout:  So he did a complete about-face after throwing that hissy fit?   :bouncegiggle:
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ya know i laughed a little at that sign but not really that much cause it's right for those who said that i wonder how many of them have indeed died ? i mean not from heart attack or anything but this virus i wonder what the Percentage really is?


Now man-thing is advocating wearing masks.  It only took 5 months.   :hatred:
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yeah but i still have a hard time it's gonna laugh, get this though here in ohio is now it is now mandate to wear masks here starting tomorrow however there are exceptions which is just F... stupid and people are going to take 100% advantage of and than they are gonna wonder why it's not going down but going up!


France had lifted all restrictions, life was back to normal but now they are going back. israel the same


so apparently baseball starts 2 morrow and i'm not a sports fan and none of those players are worth what they are paid i don't care how good they are, and none of them should lose their life by starting back


Highest daily death toll today since May - both in the USA, and worldwide.
Highest number of new cases EVER reported.

This thing is not going away.
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sanity prevailed in my neck of the woods:

people are now required by law to wear masks outside their homes, in any businesses they enter and basically anywhere they'd be within 6 feet of someone else

failure to will result in tickets from the police

hoping this will result in people wearing masks, not a whole lot of that in my neck of the woods
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This is like a bad movie.
Race riots, a pandemic, a reality TV show president-!
I'm so glad to see it all fall down!  :hatred:
But I ain't really  :bluesad:

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we are still gonna have people who find some excuse to not wear one like i said here in ohio they will find a way not to wear one and than they will wonder why it's not going away? yes they are that damn stupid sadly yes and you are right 100%  bunker boy is a reality tv star who is really only doing this secret police stuff that i forget is against the law or not but with the crap that is going on it's freaking film Minority Report (2002) with Tom wack job Cruise and it's a damn good movie don't get me wrong but it's real life sadly cause it's only been done to get better poll numbers. anything he does is to get better poll numbers

he doesn't get that people want him to go the hell away and well people that aren't in his cult that is & to leave the job to people who know what they are doing.

Apparently the idiot from my state wants to.... Trump and we all know what that means lol anyways  and all it does is make me ashamed of even living here.


after seeing that the BOE in kansas is willing to turn children and anyone around them into guinea pigs so parents have babysitters, i'm done. from here on in, we protect ourselves, and we see no one but 3 friends i know are safe because they are tested regularly. please send good vibes for curtis's safety, which is MY safety too. :bluesad: :thumbdown: :question: :hatred: :bluesad:
don't EVEN...EVER!


will do, i can sleep easy knowing my brother and his wife are keeping the kids home from school. i heard somewhere i think it was my mom that this was pretty much through people she spoke to that when schools were closed last time there yes were a lot of good parents who did do school for them at certain hrs.

like my brother and his wife for example they are pretty good parents actually.  schools even sent laptops home as well they sent one home to my Nephew who didn't have one and it had no games on it apparently. i guess there were kids that never even touched any of it, yeah it kinda made me think of myself a bit but i also wasn't the best student even when i did try. i have a hard time getting motivated and that's part of it, the other part was i just didn't want to when i was still in school.  but i thought about this recently had we had a pandemic when i was growing up i think i would have had a hard time doing school work at home more so than normal but i can say that i had parents that would have forced me to do it weather i liked it or not.

these parents that let their kids not do anything well you know what i have to say on that. i wouldn't have gotten away with it that much i do know.


I still haven't received the pandemic unemployment I applied for months ago

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I believe in the international communist conspiracy to sap and impurify all of our precious bodily fluids.


really? i dunno what to say other than i'm sorry to hear that you really should contact someone but my guess is you already did


Ive been working through the whole thing. I had one passenger who had it and got over it. He was a doctor. He knew he had it because he couldn't taste anything. Thats one of the early symptoms