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ROCK & RULE - 2 Slimes
Rated PG
Copyright 1983 Nelvana
Reviewed by Andrew Borntreger on 28 May 2008

Capsule Review:    

World War III always leaves our planet a twisted mess, you know that? Case in point: "Rock & Rule" is set in the future, after Mankind pressed the button and removed himself from the music scene. Instead of people, the movie is populated by anthropomorphic dogs, cats, rats, and other animals. They inhabit cities built atop (or among) the ruins of humanity's sullen memorials. Sadly, the evolved pets and vermin do not seem to be interested in anything besides Rock & Roll. That makes sense, if they are all teenagers.

Angel, Omar, Dizzy, and Stretch are a band that is just beginning to come together. They are torn apart by Mok, a musical icon in this decaying world of jamming animals. Mok looks like Mick Jagger, sometimes with a David Bowie wig (maybe he is supposed to be a lion), and he wants Angel's voice. With her, the power hungry rocker can summon a demon. Now, Angel does not want to sing something out of Hell, but Mok "persuades" her. An initial attempt to bring forth the hordes of Hades fails and destroys the venue.

Radio City Music Hall, the obliterated location of Mok's failed concert of damnation, is located in "Nuke York." WWIII never ends happily for America's largest metropolis.

Frothing at his failures, the evil magician of music makes another attempt to summon his demon in the rock & roll capital of the (post-nuclear war) world: Ohmtown. It works, and the voracious visitor from Satan's suburb starts munching on screaming fans. Omar charges to the rescue; together he and Angel are able to create a melody that banishes the demon back to the pits from whence it came. Everybody lives happily ever after.

Well, except for Mok; we all know what happens to those who summon demons when the evil incarnations are banished. Another notable exclusion is humanity, because we stupidly nuked ourselves into extinction before the movie even started.

The animation is uneven, and has its share of problems, but when it's good the film is amazing and outrageous. I liked it. Anyone with an interest in animated films should give it a whirl. The worst thing I can say about the movie is that it reminded me of a Don Bluth production too often. Roller skating thugs and the horribly patched in "We aren't the bad guys, are we?" segment screamed Bluth at me, and I rarely refer to him in a complimentary fashion (this is not one of them). What about Don Bluth? Are you some sort of rabid fan? In my opinion, he often mucks things up. Look, you prove to me that Rasputin had an army of singing bugs and a trained bat, then we'll talk.

There are two versions of this feature. Both feature surprising voice talents, such as Lou Reed, Deborah Harry, Cheap Trick, and Iggy Pop (though all he does is scream - go figure).

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Things I Learned From This Movie:  

Green Dot Space Invaders make excellent personal assistants.
Green Dot The secret to looking imposing, while wearing a pink shirt and roller skates, is mass.
Green Dot Elizabeth Taylor avoided loud noises for a reason.
Green Dot Carnegie Hall and Radio City Music Hall both look the same to a dog.
Green Dot The electric guitar is more closely related to the battle axe than its acoustic cousin.

Stuff To Watch For:  

Green Dot 14 mins - "I'm a dog, and you're a cat...thing. It gets a little freaky at times."
Green Dot 22 mins - Thank goodness that the orb causes a contact high. I was afraid that Omar was going to have to swallow it.
Green Dot 36 mins - Dogs built that? To what end? Most of the structure is too high for them to pee on it.
Green Dot 47 mins - There are three places you can experience a dance club this funky: "Rock & Rule," "Lensman," and the real New York.
Green Dot 59 mins - Is that a bed or plate of ravioli?


Club Manager: "I loved it! And so did a warm, personal, and influential friend of mine. The only Ohmtown rocker to have a record go gold, platinum, and plutonium in one day!"

Zip: "Can you tell the difference between good and evil?"
Mok: "Zip, try to realize there is no longer black or white, good or evil. We've evolved beyond that."
Zip: "But Uncle Mikey says..."
Mok: "We all must have our own personal view of right and wrong."
Zip: "But, is what we are doing evil?"
Mok: "Of course not. Remember, Zip, evil spelled backwards is live, and we all want to do that."

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Comments:Write CommentPages: 1 [2] 3
Re: His Name is Mok, Thanks a Lot
Reply #9. Posted on May 30, 2008, 11:27:25 AM by AndyC
According to the DVD notes, Mok's last name is Swagger -- however, due to objections by Mick Jagger's lawyers, his last name is never mentioned.

Just looking at Mok, it's easy to guess who he's modelled after, but I wasn't aware they were planning such an obvious play on Mick's Name. I can see where he wouldn't have been flattered.
Re: Rock & Rule
Reply #10. Posted on May 30, 2008, 11:07:47 PM by Jay the Magnificent
strange, i too had the feeling of watching this movie before.....repressed memory?
Re: Rock & Rule
Reply #11. Posted on May 31, 2008, 07:12:47 PM by Keiper
I actually really like this film, and recently got the special edition DVD for my birthday from a family member. I think the animation is fantastic, I love the voice actors, and the background art as well as overall concept is amazing. I'll agree on a first viewing the storyline seems a bit uneven and plodding at times, but as another reviewer said about this film, it starts growing on you. It's definitely unique and has a feel all its own (I actually didn't think it felt any thing like a Don Bluth film). I say it deserved at least four slime...stars...whatever.
Re: Rock & Rule
Reply #12. Posted on May 31, 2008, 09:48:03 PM by Keiper
By the by, a little trivia some people might find interesting: the company that made this later went on to do Inspector Gadget, the Care Bears, and a lot of other famous cartoons from the 1980's and early 90's. A lot of the people who worked on it later went on to become big in Canada - the character design alone is somewhat recognizable to those Americans who grew up watching "The Raccoons" on Disney.
Re: Rock & Rule
Reply #13. Posted on June 01, 2008, 06:22:06 AM by akiratubo
Great movie.  Am I alone in thinking it would actually have made more sense if they hadn't "explained" why the characters were anthropomorphic animals?

Also, I once had a comic adaptation of this movie that was made from stills with speech baloons laid over them.  Some parts of it were very different from the movie.  For instance, it actually showed the concert in Nuke York.  In the comic, the "My Name is Mok" song was actually what Mok used to open the Nuke York concert.  He had Angel sing and ... KABOOM!  It then went into the parts with the broadcaster commenting on the explosion and Mok's computer telling him to go back to Ohmtown.
Re: Rock & Rule
Reply #14. Posted on June 01, 2008, 03:51:43 PM by Timothy Shanahan
I saw this on TV too (I think it was Turner Broadcasting).  I admit it may have had its elements of cheesiness, but I liked the music.
Re: His Name is Mok, Thanks a Lot
Reply #15. Posted on June 02, 2008, 03:29:42 PM by HarlotBug3
According to the DVD notes, Mok's last name is Swagger -- however, due to objections by Mick Jagger's lawyers, his last name is never mentioned.

Just looking at Mok, it's easy to guess who he's modelled after, but I wasn't aware they were planning such an obvious play on Mick's Name. I can see where he wouldn't have been flattered.

BounceGiggle BounceGiggle BounceGiggle

Imagine the possibilities for a sequel or remake with parodies of stars since...
Re: Rock & Rule
Reply #16. Posted on June 04, 2008, 11:38:33 AM by JavaBlack
Wow.  I saw this movie when I was a kid and didn't have the attention span to get most of what was going on.  I didn't even realize the characters were cats and dogs... I thought they were mutant humans.
I just remember the dumb fat goon that was obsessed with Uncle Mikey.

I've been meaning to check it out again at some point but did not know the title until now.
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