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Links to more sites for those who appreciate "other than fine" film.
EXCELLENT! Lost Highway's B-Movie Reviews - Steve's site features a clean layout that is easy to navigate, well written reviews, and articles. If you love cult and exploitation cinema, then you definitely need to set aside time to check out this site. Winner of the Legion of Muck Award for July 2008 - September 2008.
EXCELLENT! B-Movie Central - A review site to love. The layout is clean and easy to browse, the character descriptions come complete with pictures from the movie, and the webmaster obviously has fun writing about the films he selects for review. Duane has been publishing articles about movies for a number of years and his bad movie fu is very powerful. Winner of the Legion of Muck Award for January 2007 - March 2007.
EXCELLENT! Dante's Inferno and All Night Video Store - He might be with the Army, but Dante knows how to crank out reviews for really AWFUL cinematic atrocities. Especially bad action films; I've never known anyone who watched so many. The refreshing candor is a definite plus. There are plenty of movies that make you say, "What the Hell?" and his reviews will provide ample warning. Winner of the Legion of Muck for October 2001 - December 2001.
EXCELLENT! The Unknown Movies Page - Greywizard has spent years reviewing obscure films with a dedication that deserves profound respect. Looking for an articulate opinion about a video collecting dust at your local rental store? Here is the website to check first. In addition, the gentleman often helps people who are looking for their own "unknown movie." Winner of the Legion of Muck for July 2001 - September 2001.
EXCELLENT! B-Notes - Any discussion of celluloid scholars should include mention of Mark Hurst (AKA: The Enigmatic Apostic), his ability to pull obscure titles out of thin air and then analyze them is legendary among b-movie lovers the world over. He does not write reviews often, but the quality more than makes up for the quantity. Winner of the Legion of Muck Award for July 2000 - September 2000.
EXCELLENT! Opposable Thumb Films - There is no love to be lost over Joe's use of the "Hoff Scale" (yes, he means David Hasslehoff - shudder). Still, the man loves weird films and can express his opinions with a zest lost among mainstream movie critics. Just seeing that he had reviewed "Johnny Sokko and His Giant Robot" (the 1st episode) made me cry. Winner of the Legion of Muck Award for October 2006 - December 2006.
EXCELLENT! 3B Theater - Chad rates movies according to the law of three beers and he is darn good at it. Rating movies that is, not drinking. He may be good at the latter. Anyone who has watched "Daddy's Deadly Darling" (also know as "Pigs") must appreciate the effects of alcohol. In any case, the website reaches far above the level you might infer from its title. Winner of the Legion of Muck for October 2002 - December 2002.
NEW - This is a great site, because there are not many places where you can legitimately watch movies for free and the roster here is filled with b-movies and cult films. The movies are played via Flash and the picture quality is surprisingly good.
The Mutant Reviewers from Hell - A huge collaborative effort to review all sorts of films, but many are cult and "strange" movies. Admit it, any site with "Donnie Darko" and "Psycho Beach Party" among the articles has to have promise. And, as a final lure, the writing is good.
Darksider's Realm - Reviewing bad movies and he is not very happy about it. A notable difference unusual point of his reviews is to provide a short synopsis of the antagonists, or a-holes as he refers to them. Those come after the section that points out gruesome deaths.
Radiation Cinema! - Here is a website dedicated to those 1950s monster flicks that everyone remembers watching on the Saturday Creature Double Features. It's quite evident that the writer has a passion for classic science fiction films. I especially recommend the review for "The Monster that Challenged the World," for many reasons, but the background and insight on actor Tim Holt is fantastic.
Cinemasochist Apocalypse - Brother Ragnarok has a lot of experience in reviewing bad movies, and he just cannot force himself to put down the keyboard. He has a wide variety of tastes, and I found one film on the site that I had not heard of before, but which I immediately added to my "must see these movies" list.
The Tomb of Anubis - Back from the shifting sands and eager to claim some new movies for the vault, with the added horsepower of the bad movie brotherhood. - The title grabs your attention, right? It is not all women behind bars movie either; the webmaster has a healthy respect for post-apocalypse films and "serious" movies about prison. Dozens of reviews, nicely augmented with screen captures, along with some essays are under lock and key here. Not to be missed, but don't let the boss catch you reading about a women in prison film...
Side Order of Ninjas - The chronological record of events is just like Cliffs Notes for a bad movie, while the reviewer's thoughts are often ones I can agree with. The layout is also simple and uncluttered. - A labor of love dedicated to the crew of the Satellite of Love. Incredibly helpful for MST3K fans is the complete list of every episode. - This site shows a strong favoritism for weird or foreign, often weird and foreign, cinema. I discovered "ZsaZsa Zaturnnah Ze Moveeh" - with a sex-changing hero who fights giant frogs, alien women, and zombies, in a movie with song and dance numbers, via this site.
Manor on Movies - Don't let the layout fool you, this website picks some excellent (in a bad movie sort of way) films, and writes entertaining reviews.
B-Movie Review - Adam makes video reviews for cult films and bad movies. He does not seem to like bad movies, but the the videos are filled with energy, and genuinely amusing even when I disagree with him. - It is not a fansite for the green martian warrior, but a website dedicated to b-movies and cult films. The webmaster has a great love for simply awful science fiction films, especially what many of us would call classics.
Cosmic Cinema - This site places a strong focus on low budget science fiction films, most of which are utterly ridiculous. You can also rely on him to peruse fantasy or sword and sandal epics.
BthroughZ - Be warned: this site is most certainly not safe for work, but it is a monthly e-zine. Every edition is has movie reviews and articles about a wide range of films, directors, and topics.
The Monster Shack - All of the reviews are not of creature features, but the site does lean heavily in that direction (I love sites that also dig monster movies). There are a lot of feature-length articles to be found here.
Internal Bleeding - Trashy schlock, and lots of it! These guys love their cheap science fiction and depraved horror films. There are several reviewers, and each usually contributes something to each article, which is a neat way of approaching the films.
Bad Movie Realm - This is an oddity to find these days: a true blue bad movie website (not a blog). Along with obviously enjoying classic b-movies, the webmaster has a good sense of humor.
B Movies and Beyond - This blog has a neat habit of reviewing an entire franchise, one film after the other. That has to give them a great feel for how the films developed, but it also has to be soul-destroying, because (by and large) each sequel is worse than the last.
The KO Picture Show - Niche sites are interesting; one dedicated to reviewing boxing and other "fight" films is fun to peruse. Oddly, the webmaster has managed to mostly write about good boxing movies, but a couple of our sort have snuck in there. He will run out of good fight flicks long before putting a dent in the b-movies ones.
Cinediondo - NSFW, and written entirely in Spanish (don't worry, there is an easy-to-use translate function). The great thing about this site is discovering some really weird international films, like "Badi" and "The Turkish Rambo." I added new titles to my list of films that I want to see after browsing.
Bizzarro Cinema - Break out Google Translator, because this is an Italian cult movie site. It's wild to see a review of "Big Trouble in Little China" (Grosso guaio a Chinatown) along with "Hearts and Armor."
A Strange Eye - The site focuses on two related subjects: weird movies and alcohol. Where else can you read about "Ilsa: She Wolf of the SS" and a dunkel lager?
The B-Movie Cast - Vince Rotolo publishes a new b-movie podcast twice a month. He talks about recent news, interviews independent and cult film makers, and reviews films that he watched.
E4's Book of Bad Films - This is an illustrated online "book" that provides amusing "Did you know?" information about thirty films.
Analog Medium - Monthly entertainment ezine that often includes b-movie and cult film reviews.
The Teleport City Movie Page - These people love trashy movies, especially stuff with a strong sexual content or just insane martial arts flicks. Probably the most professionally designed of the august group here and the writing is up to par as well.
Million Monkey Theater - Be careful, because the site is not always safe for work (NSFW), but the reviews are well written. I actually found what might be my favorite, an article on "Warriors of the Apocalypse," right away. I still have many more to read, including an impressive number of Godzilla movie reviews.
Entertainment Insiders - I met Jonathan and his friends years ago, when I was based in Georgia. They have been covering entertainment news since 1999, and I have always looked forward to their retrospective yearly obituary columns - not because of what we lost, but for the reminders of what they gave us.
Bargain Bin Review - Besides partially blocking the aisle, that bargain bin at the store might be filled with hidden film treasures. Nolahn wants to help you sift through the movies to find the good ones, and there are some worthwhile hours to be spent viewing them. However, his "My Little Pony: The Movie" review is what had me cracking up.
Cinema de Merde - "Where cinema goes to die." This site has a strange view of films, and I cannot quite put my finger on what it is, but what I do know is that it covers a wide range of movies: everything from blaxploitation to musicals. There is, of course, the requisite number of horror and science fiction films.
Sleepaway Camp Movies - The official website for the movies. Everything is here: articles, behind the scenes photographs, name it. This site is an amazing compilation and a must see for fans.
The Film Fiend - Movies review blog with a focus on bad action films and a sprinkling of good old trash cinema. Most of the reviews are for films that are "recent" (last twenty years or so).
Invasion of the B-Movies - Lots of schlocky films, with a special focus on what I think of as the definition of "bad movies." Those are films with promise, some good parts, but good grief who thought this stuff up?
Repulsive Cinema - A blog dedicated to low-budget trash, and lovingly so. This is a good place to browse for various titles, including seedy exploitation and almost inexplicable cult movies.
HooplaNet - Movies, games, and music, but the webmaster certainly has a taste for cinematic absurdity. Make sure you check out the compilation article for scary movie moments, but do not miss reviews for films like "The Guyver."
And You Call Yourself a Scientist! - Plenty of fodder here, along with some mainstream films. Of particular interest to B-movie freaks (yes, we're freaks) is the "Immortal Dialogue" section.
Satan's Jockstrap - These are not so much cult and b-movies as films that the reviewer felt were overrated, or just plain old annoying. - First warning to many readers: this site is entirely in German. However, it is host to a large number of reviews and using Babel Fish will allow you to understand most of the articles (along with creating some amusing translations - like "head punch crushing fist"). on MySpace - Ashthecat has been causing trouble on the forum for many years. He is also a master of MySpace and YouTube and created a welcome page which features various media. No idea why it took me so long to put in a link, I must be some sort of dodo.
Animal Attack - A French site that covers films involving, no surprise here, animals out of control. No, there is not a version of the site for English readers, but I still found it fun to browse. Besides, you can always run it through Babel Fish.
Ro-Man's MySpace Page - A gent took the time and effort to create a MySpace page for everyone's favorite bubble-loving monster. He answers fan mail, but make sure you check out his video. Some of the characterization is dead on.
The Good, the Bad, the Ugly - Quite a varied collection of bad movies, though the webmaster made a Herculean effort to tackle all of the "Howling" films and went after the "Nightmare on Elm Street" movies with gusto as well.
And You Thought It Was Safe - Dr. Psy Chosis has a perchant for monster movies and horror flicks, but various other strange films also catch his interest. Beware, because he often seems angry. - A site dedicated to Italian b-movies and it even has a section translated into English! I think one of the neat things about this is browsing all of the movie covers.
Meet the Feebles - If you are a fan of the movie then this site is a must visit.
Mondo Esoterica - Reviews for strange and unusual movies on DVD. This website was kind enough to remind me that I need to track down and watch "Warlords of Atlantis."
Cinema Fromage - The blog of a moviephile who enjoys a healthy diet of classic horror films and b-movies. Formatting reviews on a blog can be tricky, but the blogger often pulls it off pretty well.
Death By Cinema - The webmaster seems to take some of the films as a personal affront to himself (boy, that rings true with me sometimes), but gives them a go. He also breaks them down, looking for what works and what does not. - Scott Foy dearly loves B-Movies and now he is involved in a 14 hour marathon of them. Check out the website for more details.
Neohamster Presents The Dungeon - Neo and the Hamster are filled the pages with cheesy goodness. In fact, the little buggers even reviewed "The Dark" (1994 with Neve Campbell) before I could. Curse them!
Happy Toyz Co. - A site dedicated to "Maximum Overdrive." Includes information from the press kit, links to reviews, and a short fact file. The web is a great place.
Iniquity Films - Detailed and balanced b-movie reviews here, with some images to flesh out the experience when possible. Brendan has a wide taste in films and a good relationship with this keyboard (no, I mean that he can write good reviews - sicko).
SciFi Hairball - Yet another review site, but this one has a fun way of organizing the reviews: by decade. The writer also likes "Tron," which makes him good to go in my book.
Gonzoriffic - "Reviews You Can Use," especially if you like Cinemax movies. The gent running it does seem to like watching that channel at about 2:00 AM. (Lots of Andy Sidaris stuff.)
Bottom of the Barrel - For those who love movies that are so bad that you cannot imagine anyone ever thought making them was a good idea.
Softcore Reviews - There is a reason that we call the station "Skin-a-max" instead of its real name. This website is dedicated to all the steamy films that run on cable late at night. Click through and start the porn music (they didn't have any nudity the last time I checked, it is just the subject matter).

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