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Not Rated
Copyright 1957 AB-PT Pictures Corp.
Reviewed by Andrew Borntreger on 'a long time ago'

The Characters:  

  • Ed - Scientist whose experiments with radioactive isotopes caused this mess.
  • Audrey - Female reporter, she's always snooping around but does she get chomped? Oh no...
  • Frank - Deaf mute guy, a giant locust eats him.
  • General Hanson - In charge of the defense of Chicago. You might recognize him from The Giant Claw.
  • Colonel Sturgeon - National Guard Commanding Officer, he charges off into battle. Presumed grasshopper chow.
  • The Giant Locusts - Huge grasshoppers (I mean big, elephant sized big.) created by radiation.

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The Plot: 

Huge people chomping grasshoppers! Hehehehehe! Not only that, they're huge people chomping SUPERIMPOSED grasshoppers! A true b movie here, it starts off with something attacking two lovers parking (We don't get to see what, just the girl reacting to it.) and then a town is destroyed. Audrey stumbles across this breaking story, with the assistance of Ed and "I'm human bait" Frank we find the true horror is special effects. Pretty soon the ravenous insects have chewed their way through National Guardsman and Chicago is in peril. Mankind's only hope might be nuking Chicago to stop them! Can Ed find another way? Time is running out and you'll have to watch to find the answer... ...ah heck, he uses stereo equipment to imitate their call and drown them in the lake. The darn thing was filmed in 1956, like it's any secret. I really wanted to see more shots of people getting eaten, this is accomplished by showing the locust, then the person's face (contorted in fear), and shoving some suitable music in. You still need to see this just for the effect of grasshoppers walking around on photographs of buildings.

Things I Learned From This Movie: 

  • Radiation can render you deaf and mute.
  • Doing fifty miles per hour in a convertable will not mess your hair.
  • A mute guy trying to scream is ghastly but amusing.
  • Public disturbances, natural disasters, and giant grasshoppers are the responsibility of National Guard units.
  • Oversized insects prefer people over foliage.
  • Locusts screech before attacking.
  • Polygraphs work on giant grasshoppers.
  • Chicago looks like a photograph, I mean really...

Stuff To Watch For: 

  • 7 mins - Not this road again. How many times are we going to see this scene? Well, in just one moment a dark then a light car will pass by...
  • 16 mins - A car phone? In 1956?
  • 20 mins - Those are some darn big tomatoes.
  • 23 mins - Here's that scene with the cars going by again...
  • 37 mins - How in the name of all that is common sense did a screeching grasshopper, the size of a dump truck, sneak up on them?
  • 47 mins - I'm pretty sure tanks and napalm will do the trick.
  • 56 mins - Ed, how exactly are you planning on catching a very large, very annoyed, grasshopper?
  • 70 mins - Observation posts my butt, those are snack stands for locusts.


  • Audrey: "Town of a hundred and fifty people just doesn't disappear."
    Ed: "This one did."

 Audio clips in wav formatSOUNDSStarving actors speak out 

Green Music Note beginend1.wav Ed: "We saw Frank Johnson killed by a giant locust."
Green Music Note beginend2.wav Ed: "I think you'd better call in the regular Army Tom."
Col Sturgeon: "Where would I get off calling for the regular Army to handle some oversized grasshoppers?"
Green Music Note beginend3.wav Announcer: "The giant locusts have reached the Chicago south side and nearby suburbs."
Green Music Note beginend4.wav Ed: "Well, there's one thing I have to get myself, something that will tell me when I've succeeded."
Gen Hanson: "What's that?"
Ed: "A live giant grasshopper."

 Click for a larger imageIMAGESScenes from the movie 



 Watch a sceneVIDEOMPEG video files 

Video Clipbeginend1.mpg - 1.6m
No, don't eat the mute guy!

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Comments:Write CommentPages: 1 [2] 3 4
Beginning of the End
Reply #9. Posted on November 25, 2006, 04:09:03 PM by Cham
Ah, Bert I. Gordon. The man who later made Food of the Gods. A true American hero. This is one helluva bad flick and I liked it. Giant grasshoppers! Ahhhhhh!!! I give it 3/5.

Beginning of the End
Reply #10. Posted on February 26, 2001, 06:27:08 AM by Thema
Killing of Frank was not cool.
Beginning of the End
Reply #11. Posted on November 25, 2006, 04:09:49 PM by len
I have relatives in the mid-central part of Illinois, dangerously near to the towns mentioned, and from what I've seen, I think that this movie was really a documentary rather than a cult sci-fi!
Beginning of the End
Reply #12. Posted on November 25, 2006, 04:10:12 PM by AlphaWoolf
I saw this on the "Creature Feature" when I was *really* small.  I was so young, in fact, that the atrocious special effects were actually convincing.  The threat of giant grasshoppers was all too real to me.  Shame on me!  A classic bad film courtesy of the one and only Bert I. Gordon.
Beginning of the End
Reply #13. Posted on November 25, 2006, 04:09:49 PM by
The thing about this movie that bothers me the most is a huge, gaping, giant locust-sized flaw in continity. How come flamethrowers, tanks, and heavy artillery didn't hurt them at Ludlow, yet at least two locusts are killed by rifle-fire? I mean, Dr. Wainwright's just firing that tiny pistol, and it falls over dead! Come to think of it, why do scientests in these movies *always* have a pistol in their desk? And Audrey covered the Korean War, for crying out loud! Why does she scream and cower at the hint of a locust! AAAAAAAAAARRRRGGGGGGGHHHH! I should stop before I smash my copy of this otherwise enjoyable movie!
Beginning of the End
Reply #14. Posted on January 04, 2004, 02:07:15 AM by Carl B.
I`ve seen bad movies in my time, but this movie was baaaaad! The acting of Peter Graves and all the other human actors was so awful that I was rooting for the grasshoppers through the whole film. What`s next-giant dung beetles?
Beginning of the End
Reply #15. Posted on February 03, 2004, 04:19:47 PM by Gojifan
This is an awful movie. Locusts is good but grasshoppers? This is a rip-off to Them. The only good version is the MST3K version.
Beginning of the End
Reply #16. Posted on February 15, 2005, 12:35:49 PM by Cal Smith
I saw this movie on MST3K. It was bloody hilarious. But the movie would have been better if 1. The grasshoppers could jump and smash people. And 2. Used a model of a building insted of a postcard when the g-hoppers were climbing the building.
Pages: 1 [2] 3 4
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