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CHERRY 2000 - 3 Slimes
Rated PG-13
Copyright 1986 Orion Pictures Corporation
Reviewed by Andrew Borntreger on 14 May 2001

The Characters:  

  • Sam - Corporate poster child who is searching for a piece of the American Dream. When did that involve owning a sexaroid?
  • E. Johnson - Melanie Griffith! The best tracker alive. She has red hair, is great with a lasso, knows how to shoot, and has a musclecar. Is that "Dreamweaver" playing?
  • Six Fingered Jake - Ben Johnson! Retired tracker that lives in the wastelands. His last big find was a warehouse full of toaster ovens, so his cave is overflowing with the appliances. Shot in the back.
  • Cherry - An artificial woman programmed to be the ultimate wife and erotic companion. So good in bed that men compare her to a cephalopod. I don't know about you, but having sex with a mollusk sounds nasty to me.
  • Ginger - Sam's old girlfriend and even more of a ditz than his robot.
  • Lester - Tim Thomerson! He hates trackers and thinks the only way to really reach a person involves the ballistic displacement of brain matter. A little on the dead side as the ending credits roll.
  • A lot of people with names like "Randa" and "Earl:" One of them is Brion James! Cutthroats and backstabbers living on the edge of civilization.

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The Plot: 

Sam has a serious problem on his hands. After years of misuse his Cherry 2000 sexaroid experiences a serious meltdown during some adult play on the sudsy kitchen floor (the dishwasher is overflowing at the time). It seems that an o-ring gave way somewhere and copious amounts of water leaked into her internal system, thereby resulting in a short circuit. All the "Number 69 alive" jokes aside, the fact that she shorted is frightening. I would have serious reservations about inserting a part of my body into anything running enough current to power a major appliance. Especially when the member in question is known for its discharge of fluids. The only solution might be a three pronged manhood, but that just conjures up some images from some offensive anime movie.

The young urban professional is absolutely devastated by his loss; he has little to no hope of finding a replacement. Apparently some global catastrophe has befallen the world (I'm voting for nuclear war) and America's manufacturing capacity is seriously outpaced by demand. So, the exquisite Cherry is no longer being produced by honest Teamster cardholders. It is the sort of world where a woman can be brought to tears by inheriting a trove of toaster ovens and recycling is big business. Ick, used sex robots - not good. Listerine stock would jump through the roof after studies proved it prevented the transmission of STDs by sharing Oral Annie with your buddies, but let's not go there.

Dating is what drove Sam to explore the ins and outs of artificial sex. In the future Yuppies overwhelmed mainstream society and unfortunately infected everything they touched. Now casual sex is a legal process, worked out in clubs between interested parties and nobody goes to bed without a lawyer checking the contract. You read me correct, people sign in triplicate before bumping uglies. Anything not in the deal is grounds for a lawsuit! We even see Larry Fishburne (good call on the name change Morpheus) haggling out the details of a pleasure soaked evening between two people. Perhaps that is what finally clued him in to our existence being a grand illusion: the sheer ridiculous idea of having an "oral clause." Anyway, I hope the singles scene never comes to that. If anyone is going to get sued for casual sex, let's keep it to professional sports players.

What's a guy with binary love on his mind to do? Well, there is only one choice really: hiring a tracker to find a new Cherry 2000. Sam travels out to a gritty border town and buys the best tracker available, E. Johnson. With her supercharged red Mustang and experience they should have a good chance of surviving in the wastelands. Miles of scrub and desert... ...nuclear war is going to cause very little change in the Southwest. While you and I are finding out what it feels like to become plasma the residents of somewhere Arizona will be wondering what the sound and light show is all about.

Even when you have replaced your parking brake with a jet engine throttle things can be tough, as the questing pair soon find out. While dodging crazy brigands Johnson begins falling for Sam, but he is too busy to notice. Obsessing about his defunct companion to the extreme, he even brought along Cherry's memory chip and a player just to hear her voice. Wake up! There is a real live woman just waiting for the chance to pop your surge breakers and she doesn't have ugly hands like your robot did. Besides, this way the bank is not holding the title on your sexual partner until four years of payments are complete (though some could argue divorce is a retroactive version).

Out among the desolate wastes they run afoul of the leading crazy brigand. Lester has a small army under his command and he takes pride in killing trackers. The guy is a complete fruit. Selfish would be a good description too; he is killing people who are trying to pillage ruined storehouses in his territory. Still, they are freaking goofy and I think it is from being irradiated. Any better explanation for a large group of sober adults doing the Hokey Pokey? No?

Having survived a number of outlandish adventures, including one sequence involving a crane that confused the heck out of me, the secret trove of Cherry 2000s is found. It looks like something out of "Coma" or "Parts: The Clonus Horror," but Sam happily goes searching for another wife. Lester and his goons corner them at the same time he finds the right body and inserts the memory chip. During the fighting it becomes pretty obvious that Sam has changed and maybe preprogrammed responses are not what he desires.

It's not so bad, though much of the original thought is laid out early on and the remainder seems like your standard post-apocalyptic film. It does have a better sense of purpose than most films in the genre. A pity that Sam and E's relationship is doomed to failure when you consider the problems, especially after he finds out that she weighs more than Tim Thomerson.

Things I Learned From This Movie: 

  • Women are irresistible when they are wearing a tight red dress and rubber gloves.
  • Rubber, diodes, and resistors equal romance.
  • Sex should not involve standard legal forms.
  • People from Anaheim get no respect.
  • In the future the technology for red-eye reduction will be lost.
  • Hoover Dam has the best water slide.
  • Toaster ovens are the perfect thing for cooking rattlesnakes.
  • You have not had a bad day until you are flash-burned and then attacked by a swarm of angry bees.
  • Having Melanie Griffiths' head in your lap is not conducive to good driving.

Stuff To Watch For: 

  • Opening Credits - Did I stick a Bond film in the player by accident? No, it can't be, the music does not fit.
  • 5 mins - And you were about to put a part of your body that has an awful lot of nerve endings in there...
  • 7 mins - Gort! Robby!
  • 13 mins - Okay dude, this is kind of sick.
  • 16 mins - Are we to believe that the cat was stuffed into the water cooler as a kitten?
  • 40 mins - If they really are in a vertical tunnel then water is defying gravity...
  • 51 mins - Be very afraid, because whoever dressed you in that shirt is not your friend.
  • 71 mins - A brothel/gas station? Must be Nevada.
  • 77 mins - That's a common problem with 9 mm pistols. Just sweep the casing aside and continue firing.


  • Tracker: "Where you from, mister?"
    Sam: "Anaheim."
    Everyone in the bar busts up laughing.
  • Snappy: "Yeah, well Randa here is gonna fix us some lunch. Ain't yah Randa?"
    Randa: "No."
    Snappy: "Well, then you can just go sh*t in your hat."

 Audio clips in wav formatSOUNDSStarving actors speak out 

Green Music Note cherry2k1.wav Cherry: (giggles) "These for me?"
Sam: "Uh-huh."
Cherry: "Aw, pretty."
Green Music Note cherry2k2.wav E: "I grew up in the zone mister. I've been a guide in the territory since I was a kid. I can distinguish between poisonous and nonpoisonous reptiles and I know the roads."
Green Music Note cherry2k3.wav E: "Romance?"
Sam: "Yeah, romance!"
E: "With a robot? I mean, we are talking about a robot, aren't we?"
Green Music Note cherry2k4.wav Sam: "The man is a psychopathic killer."
Ginger: "Don't impose your values on me, Sam."

 Click for a larger imageIMAGESScenes from the movie 


 Watch a sceneVIDEOMPEG video files 

Video Clipcherry2k1.mpg - 2.6m
If anyone can explain why the bad guys do not just cut power to the magnet and drop the car, rather than shooting at it with RPGs, I would be really grateful. Is this a style thing? Are they trying to impress the inventor of the "Sledge-O-Matic?"

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Comments:Write CommentPages: 1 [2] 3
Cherry 2000
Reply #9. Posted on November 25, 2006, 04:09:49 PM by The Juciest Mac
An AWSOME film. INSPIRING. This is truly art. I can't open the dvd case any more though, it's stuck. Stuck tight. Stuck sticky. I love this film. No really, I do. I love it.
I love because I no longer have to accept that the film industry expects you to produce great films to have a career. I can watch this film, drink heavily and foget that I have missed every opportunity that has come my way to create cinema. I am old now. I wish I was dead.
Cherry 2000
Reply #10. Posted on November 25, 2006, 04:09:03 PM by yannick
This movie is really cheap on dvd cost me 9$, and i would have killed myself if i would have passed it buy.

The 80 was the era and i have almost 500 dvd from that era.

The movie is really good.
Cherry 2000
Reply #11. Posted on November 25, 2006, 04:09:03 PM by Ewan
This is and always will be a great film.

Did you know it was a cult hit in New Zealand? It ran for ages.

Cherry 2000
Reply #12. Posted on November 25, 2006, 04:09:49 PM by Sgt. Bilko the 3rd
A movie you love to hate. The astoundingly gross lack of any redeeming value is why I watch this every time it's on.

BTW, the actress who played Cherry is Pam Gidley. You can find out about her at imdb:
Cherry 2000
Reply #13. Posted on November 25, 2006, 04:09:03 PM by Felicity
I get a bad feeling when I remember this movie.  Itís bad on so many levels.

First of all, I saw it in 1991 with my then-friend Peter.  He was a devout Christian, bodybuilder, and master of cars, single-handedly restoring a 1967 Mustang from total junk to mint condition at the time.  That Mustang of his was actually the reason he chose the movie--based on the Mustang appearing prominently on the cover.  I agreed because it looked like a science fiction movie.

About a third of the way through he realized what a B-movie it was and refused to finish watching it, returning it to the video store then and there instead.

On top of that, he and I arenít friends anymore.  In 1996, I accidentally called his house at six in the morning because I had been sleeping weird hours and when woke up I thought it was six in the evening.  He hasnít spoken to me since, except at our high school reunion, where he talked to me a little while glaring at me judgmentally.

In addition to that, the movie was horrible.  In spite of having a cool car and cool chick and a future with sexy robots, it manages to break two of my rules by being set in a post-apocalyptic future *and* by taking place mostly in the desert.  This is one of movies that led to those rules being put in place, in fact.  It also made me hate Tim Thomerson, and I didnít get over that until I saw him in Trancers and a guest spot on 21 Jump Street as a crew-cut substitute principal who goes a little to far in enforcing discipline.  Cherry 3000, you evil movie--no one should be made to hate Tim Thomerson!  He was the only good thing in the Nemesis movies!

I still have yet to see the last half of this movie.  It traumatized me that badly.  I may very well go the rest of my life without finishing this movie.
Cherry 2000
Reply #14. Posted on October 06, 2005, 11:09:27 AM by daniel
where i buy the movie but on internet to download, becouse iīm from mexico an is difficult send a dvd to here...and if is posible found with subtitles.
Cherry 2000
Reply #15. Posted on November 25, 2006, 04:09:49 PM by John Dashwood
Helmuut has it right. A simpler time! Now we have to deal with
millions of illegal Aliens brazenly demanding our money and that we change our laws as if they are entitled to it. But enough of that. Felicity is missing out. B-Sci Fi movies are great! Cherry 2000 is one of the best of the Bs! I love this movie. Yuppie dude comes of age, guns, explosions, Hoover Dam, sex robots, guns, killer Yuppies as the main antagonists, (Come on now! Surely that's a new one on all of you!) twister, reverting to their animal natures, a calvary charge of four wheelers, toaster ovens, (Lots of them!) donkeys, and guns.
What's not to like? Just watch and enjoy. Don't take them that seriously.

Re: Cherry 2000
Reply #16. Posted on July 28, 2007, 01:40:33 PM by Wolfen244
One of my all time favorite flicks next to Repulsion, Star Wars and 2001: A Space Odyssey - even though it has a minor flaw or two - **ha, ha**.
Pages: 1 [2] 3
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