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Rated G
Copyright 1968 Toho
Reviewed by Andrew Borntreger on 'a long time ago'

The Characters:  

  • Godzilla - King of monsters, forced to do the Kilaaks' dirty work and not happy about it.
  • Anguirus - Still a feisty little guy, though he is the unfortunate volunteer to do an impromptu presentation about gravity. Sir Isaac Newton should be glad it was only raining apples that fateful day.
  • Rodan - Friendly enough in his roost on Ogasawara, we even see him fishing (for porpoises) at one point.
  • Ghidrah - Summoned by the Kilaaks to defeat Earth's monsters, but the home team puts a serious hurting on him.
  • Manda - While under alien control he crunches a few cities, that's about it for Manda.
  • Mothra - In caterpillar form the giant insect is forced to destroy sections of China.
  • Gorosaurus - Impressive in the battle against Ghidrah, his lethal jump kick even made me say ouch.
  • Baragon, Spiga, Varan, Minya - Along for the ride, though I believe Baragon did assist in the destruction of Paris. Either that or whoever did the American dub just did not care.
  • Katsuo - Heroic captain of the rocketship SY-3.
  • Kyoko - Katsuo's love interest whose mind is controlled by the Kilaaks for a time.
  • Dr. Yoshida - Spokesman and scientist, obviously chosen for his public speaking skills.
  • The Kilaaks - Evil alien race intent on enslaving mankind, too bad they turn into lumps of rock at room temperature.

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The Plot: 

In 1999 the world's monsters have been captured and contained on Ogasawara Island, where they may be studied in a safe environment. Safe as anyone can be trying to check the body temperature of a radioactive reptile taller than most buildings (hope they were not using a rectal device). I was very amused with the Godzilla repellent, now there is something worthy of a Nobel Prize.

When not coming up with things to annoy the KCLU (Kaiju Civil Liberties Union) scientists have developed advanced rockets which make spaceflight routine, the crowning achievement is the SY-3. At some point a horrible accident killed the team assigned to create a practical spacesuit and the brave intersolar pioneers are forced to wear demeaning yellow slickers.

Shortly after Kyoko arrives to join the Ogasawara Island researchers everyone is overcome by a mysterious gas. As the United Nations tries to establish communications with the remote island reports flood in of the monsters attacking major cities. After losing a few million constituents the politicians are really interested in what the heck is going on. Katsuo and his crew are directed to investigate. They find that the Kilaaks have taken control of the island, it's monsters, and even the researchers! Escaping an ambush they flee, but Kyoko disappears during the fighting.

With the monsters destroying everything in sight and the Kilaaks' base guarded by Godzilla a desperate plan is hatched to find and destroy the alien's moon base. Using the rocketship, and it's heavily armed groundcar, Katsuo again defeats the Kilaaks and returns with their master control device. It is um, very cool, yeah.

King Ghidrah is the alien's final line of defense against Earth's monsters, thereby setting the stage for a melee never seen before. No less than eleven kaiju make appearances in this film, I get a head rush just thinking about it.

Things I Learned From This Movie: 

  • Rodan eats only tuna safe dolphin, hehehe!
  • If you see noxious gases coming from under a door then you probably should not open it.
  • Rain slickers and silver tape do not a spacesuit make.
  • Getting shot in the forehead will make you belch.
  • Godzilla makes an impressive guard dog.
  • Some buildings in Japan have rocket launchers built into them.
  • High voltage power lines should not be made from flammable materials.

Stuff To Watch For: 

  • 1 min - It is 1999 and not a Prince song in sight, this is pure (and lovely) fantasy.
  • 8 mins - Does Godzilla have gas?
  • 11 mins - Right about now the French are wondering if giant monsters understand white flags.
  • 21 mins - Yes, they are called asteroids.
  • 29 mins - It was embedded in his head, of course it is not a hearing aide.
  • 44 mins - I didn't think those earrings matched either, but wasn't that a little extreme?
  • 70 mins - The Kilaaks only live in temperatures of several thousands of degrees? Then how were those humans standing next to them?
  • 83 mins - Somehow the Earth forces have a video feed from inside of the Kilaaks' base...


  • News Anchorman: "The major cities in the world are being destroyed, one by one, by the monsters. Moscow by Rodan, Peking by Mothra, and London by Manda."
  • Katsuo: "Hold on a minute, that's a UFO out there."

 Audio clips in wav formatSOUNDSStarving actors speak out 

Green Music Note destroyall1.wav Narrator: "All of the Earth's monsters have been collected and are living together in a place called 'Monsterland.'"
Green Music Note destroyall2.wav News Anchorman: "Here's a special news bulletin, Godzilla is now in New York City."
Green Music Note destroyall3.wav Katsuo: "All right, let's go! Time is running out for the human race!"
Green Music Note destroyall4.wav Radio Operator: "This is the moonbase, go ahead."
Green Music NoteTheme Song Listen to a clip from the soundtrack.

 Click for a larger imageIMAGESScenes from the movie 


 Watch a sceneVIDEOMPEG video files 

Video Clipdestroyall1.mpg - 1.9m
Ghidrah rolled on in and was talking all sorts of trash, but now G and his crew is putting the smack dab down on him (see how silly that sounds).

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Comments:Write CommentPages: 1 ... 3 4 [5] 6
Re: Destroy All Monsters
Reply #33. Posted on January 05, 2007, 05:35:01 PM by Godzilla


I give this movie a  Thumbup
Re: Destroy All Monsters
Reply #34. Posted on May 20, 2008, 03:29:22 PM by George

Just a quick update,our friend Keith of Showa Video has Destroy All Monsters,the A.I.P. original,at last!,get it and enjoy!.
Re: Destroy All Monsters
Reply #35. Posted on October 07, 2008, 06:19:57 PM by Flangepart
Ghidra was out numbered and so thats why he but his butt kicked and the evil aliens had no chance
Gidora must have sent guite the resume, since only G, Mothra larva and Rodan kicked his hiney last outting.
"What? No, that was a fluke, truse me, I can be a contender this time!"
Re: Destroy All Monsters
Reply #36. Posted on October 13, 2008, 08:48:07 AM by Thee Dr.
In 'Fantastic Four' (vol. 1) #347, the premise is a homage of sorts to this film. The alien Skrulls use the monsters of Monster Island as a tool to try to conquer the Earth but are defeated by Spider-Man, Wolverine, the Hulk and Ghost Rider-I thought it was a nice shout-out to the sci-fi of yesteryear.
Re: Destroy All Monsters
Reply #37. Posted on October 13, 2008, 04:53:49 PM by vanightwolf
Chris K. mentioned how the film's original American-English dub-track was supposedly lost. That's more of a shame than younger fans may initially realize. The original English narration was by celebrated announcer Norman Rose. And there is an even bigger loss: the original English-dub for Akira Kubo's Katsu was by his regular -- and very well-known -- dub artist Jack Kirby. Kirby dubbed Kubo's voice in a great many of Kubo's onscreen and offscreen performances, including the original "Speed Racer" cartoons. That's Kirby dubbing for Kubo in the English-language versions of "Son Of Godzilla" and "Godzilla vs. Monster Zero". Ironically, the new English dubtrack does make a few, perhaps unintentional improvements in some awkward places of the original dub -- in the original dub, the Kilaaks were said to be incapable of dying, and when Ghidorah arrives on the scene Dr. Yoshida immediately orders that the controls be reset -- as though the Monsters wouldn't otherwise fight Ghidorah (a little too perfect with the mind-control, Doc). However, not counting the fact that a number of the voices on the newer dubtrack are sadlcartoonish, there is one piece of the original dub which is sadly missed: when Dr. Yoshida is addressing the reporters, the newer dub has him suddenly speaking unaccountably about a typhoon which occured twenty years earlier. In the original dub, he says something very much(or possibly exactly) like: "What we know now is simply ancient history. When the Monsters first appeared, they meant to DESTROY THE EARTH." That's a line from the original English dubbing I truly miss.
Destroy All Monsters
Reply #38. Posted on October 16, 2008, 11:49:22 AM by Xenorama
there was a Jack Grimes who worked with Titra Dubbing (along with Peter "Speed Racer" Fernandez, who wrote most if not all of Titra's dub scripts).  i believe Hal (Barney Miller) Linden dubbed Akira Kubo (at least according to the IMdB).
i have a really nice DVD copy of this and SMOG MONSTER both with the AIP original dubs.  anyone interested should PM me, i'd be happy to help.

Re: Destroy All Monsters
Reply #39. Posted on November 07, 2008, 12:26:41 PM by vanightwolf
Xenorama is indeed right. Akira Kubo's regular English-dubber was indeed Jack Grimes, not Jack Kirby. Well, now that that's rectified, how about some more attempted insights into the various non sequitors of "Destroy All Monsters"?

-- How did Katsu know that Kyoko's earrings were mind-control devices? Did he recognize the Kilaak metal in their composition? Talk about being super-observant!
-- It's clear that the monsters are being controlled by those metallic "rocks" which are being used as miniature relay-stations by the Kilaaks rather than the bodily implants inserted into humans to control them. But after the United Nations begins collecting these devices, the monsters apparently still remain under Kilaak control. Are the Kilaaks replacing those transmitters as fast as they are being removed? And how?
-- In the original English-dub, the Kilaak Queen never hesitates to say her people are taking over Earth and want humanity as their slaves; there is no dementedly perky "I have a dream" speech about establishing "a new scientific civilization" on our world. But there is never any explanation in either dub about why the Kilaaks want to enslave humans. Considering that the Kilaaks are actually tiny sluglike beings of "living metal" which can only exist properly in extreme heat (it's even possible they use heat rather than any gaseous air for respiration), one is tempted to believe that they need human physicality due to the obvious limitations of their physical nature; like in Mario Bava's "Planet Of The Vampires", where the Aurans take over human bodies because their noncorporeal state prevents them from building anything. Yet the Kilaaks successfully assume human form and have successfully developed an advanced technology. So why enslave humanity?
-- If the Kilaaks truly come from a tiny planet between Mars and Jupiter (i.e., an asteroid), how can they have come from a molten-hot environment when that portion of space is so distant from the sun's heat? They would have to have come from inside an asteroid with a molten core similar to Earth's (a physical impossibility, to say the least). Of course, such a small planetary body lacking any atmosphere couldn't maintain a molten core for long, so of course the Kilaaks would have to move as their world cooled. But why not go to a more appropriate, superhot world such as Mercury or Venus rather than Earth?
-- If the Kilaaks, even in an assumed human form, still require a molten-hot environment, how can those various mind-controlled humans be seen in their presence without burning to cinders? It would seem because those humans are not humans at all, but other Kilaaks -- possibly humans transformed into Kilaaks? Is that what the Kilaaks really need humans for: genetic stock to replenish their race? Maybe that explains why no human bodies are seen after the SY-3 crew destroy the Kilaaks' moonbase.
-- And hey ... just what kind of technology could function or even survive in a molten Kilaak environment?

Just a thought or two.
Re: Destroy All Monsters
Reply #40. Posted on January 16, 2009, 11:14:40 AM by vanightwolf
I often re-watch this film, and it always brings back a slew of memories. I first watched it when I was 14 (on a Friday the 13th!), and up to that point my only *daikaiju* experiences were with the original "Godzilla", "Godzilla Versus The Thing" ["Mothra Versus Godzilla"], and "King Kong Escapes" as well as the non-Toho film "Monster From A Prehistoric Planet" ["Gappa The Triphibian Monster"]; I had heard of Rodan and Ghidrah, but was unfamiliar with Manda, Angilius, and the others, and thought they might be totally new monsters which would have attacked Japan in the future sometime prior to the movie -- I wasn't sure if Gorosaurus was the same tyrannosaur I'd seen in "KIng Kong Escapes", but of course he was. A few more interesting observations:

-- The original movie poster for this film was fantastically deceptive. Almost none of the monsters depicted are shown in the film, and in fact are mostly unidentifiable except for a giant spider which is obviously Spiga. There is a three-headed winged dragon, but it scarcely resembles Ghidrah and is breathing fire. A bipedal spiky thing may be Angilus or Varan, another looks like a hairless and deformed ape, and a beaked thing with horn-rimmed eyes might be Gappa (which doesn't appear in the film).
-- The force fields are all referred to as "walls" in the newer dub-track; the one surrounding Monsterland was originally referred to as an "electromagnetic force screen"; still, th e fact the Kilaak force fields ring when struck is a nice touch.
-- Ghidrah's defeat is all the more wonderful because the Earth-monsters actually KILL him! It is truly the most SATISFYING death-scene in *daikaiju* history. Even back then, Ghidrah was such a repugnant creature that it is always so wonderful to see his three heads get the very life stomped, bitten, smoke-ringed out of them.
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