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GAMERA VS. GAOS - 3 Slimes
Not Rated
Copyright 1967 Daiei Motion Picture Company Ltd.
Reviewed by Andrew Borntreger on 9 February 2002

The Characters:  

  • Names incorrect? Blame the credits, or lack thereof.
  • Gamera - A rare, gargantuan, saber-toothed turtle.
  • Gaos - Giant vampire bird/bat that was named according to its unearthly roar. Honestly, I am to believe that they used onomatopoeia to christen something with a two hundred foot wingspan?
  • Eechi - The requisite annoying kid (and this one excels in the role) who is a pyromaniac.
  • Dr. Aoki - If he sold chicken, I would buy it.
  • Eechi's Sister - Just here to turn oxygen into carbon dioxide. The character is just that useless.
  • Eechi's Grandfather - One moment the writers seemed to want us to hate him for being so greedy, but the next he is portrayed as just looking out for the welfare of his people.
  • The Road Construction Foreman - Uh yeah, we need this guy to keep the story moving along.
  • Hachi - Construction worker whose robe displays a number of cereal box puzzles.

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The Plot: 

I've come to a realization about the Japanese: their life cycle must resemble that of the inhabitants of Ork. In these movies it seems like there is always some tubby kid with more wisdom and knowledge than the entire scientific community. My only conclusion can be that the Japanese begin life as old men and steadily get younger. This also explains why the "youngsters" get away with such freaky behavior. In the old dementia is considered eccentric and amusing, but if a child talks to his teddy bear he is "one messed up little camper."

A consortium has financed the building of a new highway through the mountains when volcanic eruptions stall the project. Actually, the construction was already stalled by a group of greedy farmers. Intent on raping the developers for more money, the half-wits are refusing to sell. What are a gaggle of backwoods farmers going to do with a horde of cash anyway? Besides get an education and buy a dental plan.

The farmers, acting on grandpa Eechi's command, stage a raid one night and wreck the construction site. Okay, you are in tense negotiations with a group of inbred fools who are effectively blackmailing your company and forget to mount sentries? Post a guard, stupid! It does not matter, though; the earthquakes opened a huge crevasse. From the fissure issues Gaos.

If you thought a mated pair of endangered owls was bad news for land developers... ...a kaiju is much worse. Besides stomping around and emitting a sonic ray, the monster loves the taste of human blood. People are like Little Debbie snack cakes! Too bad that just before Eechi gets munched the giant turtle, friend of all children (especially annoying ones), arrives to save the day.

Following the first battle, scientists gather to discuss the new monster (Gamera is old news). Their hypothesis of how Gaos can shoot deadly sonic rays from its mouth is especially interesting. The creature has two throats, just like Linda Lovelace! Anyway, Eechi is also present at this and following meetings. He proves a better naturalist than any adult.

While the determined highway construction crew camps out on Gaos' doorstep, the military tries to destroy the monster. A more accurate description would be saying they annoyed it, but I am certain b-movie fans understand. Thoroughly perturbed, Gaos flies to Osaka and starts wreaking havoc. Matters are not helped that the man-eater figures out subway trains are just like sardine cans - pull the top off and then eat the delectable snacks inside. Eventually Gamera arrives and bites off part of the renegade bird's foot, despite being on the receiving end of repeated blasts from the deadly sonic ray.

People tend to put the giant turtle down, but you have to say this about Gamera: he has heart. Every time the two opponents face off he suffers at least one grievous injury from Gaos' ray. Once his arm is nearly sliced off, while another encounter saw a fountain of blue/gray blood spraying from the turtle's lacerated noggin. Gamera just keeps coming back for more! Granted, unlike Rocky, he has the ability to pull his head and legs in when things get rough.

Gaos regrows the amputated toes, just like a pesky troll will unless you burn it with a torch. However, the chunk of rotting flesh left behind is of supreme importance to the scientists. They begin a battery of tests to find the monster's weakness. In total disregard of scientific method (or common sense), the researches use the entire sample for each experiment.

The work pays off when it is discovered sunlight destroys the creature's cells. Now the problem is preventing Gaos from returning to his cave at sunrise. The nation's greatest minds put their heads together and come up with an idea: make the monster dizzy, so dizzy that escape is impossible. I am entirely serious; stop looking at me like that. A huge fountain (filled with artificial blood) is mounted on top of a revolving building. Lured from his den, Gaos lands on the turnstile, starts drinking, then someone flips the switch and the whole shebang begins moving. For some reason centrifugal force or vertigo prevents Gaos from escaping, but the machinery is not up to the task of spinning a twenty-five ton bird. Stuff explodes and a rather irate kaiju is set loose to smash up more model buildings.

Another discovery by this point is that Gaos hates fire. He even has three orifices which spray a flame retardant mist. Since Gamera loves fire, Eechi suggests setting the forest ablaze to both inconvenience Gaos and aid super turtle. Everyone agrees to this plan (and a child shall lead them); soon the movie set looks like southern California. The evil monster is vanquished and Gamera flies off into the sunrise.

The film is pretty enjoyable with the right training in belief suspension, part of which is the ability of a fifty ton turtle to defy gravity. On second thought, ask an F-4 Phantom pilot. They will tell you that anything can fly - you just need enough thrust.

Things I Learned From This Movie: 

  • Volcanoes and giant monsters are no reason to stop public highway projects.
  • Abandoning a child under dangerous circumstances is suicide.
  • Turtles are filled with pressurized propane.
  • Japan has a problem with insurgents.
  • No matter what, all giant monsters will find a way to visit Osaka Castle.
  • Head wounds always bleed profusely, even on turtles.
  • Colonel Sanders has a Japanese cousin.
  • The sun rises faster in Japan, probably because it is closer to the east.

Stuff To Watch For: 

  • 9 mins - Why didn't each section of the helicopter start spinning?
  • 14 mins - If it were gold then they would be miners, not farmers.
  • 17 mins - There is probably a save point and summon materia in that cave.
  • 29 mins - You have the gall to ask why? In a giant monster movie?
  • 48 mins - Gaos is worse than Sean Penn if you take his picture without asking.
  • 68 mins - Who forgot to oil the bearings?
  • 77 mins - Smokey can rest easy tonight.
  • 82 mins - This scene reminds me of "Deliverance" in a sick way.


  • Radio Newscaster: "There seems to be no way to destroy this monstrous and dangerous beast. The efforts of scientists have failed and people's hopes are fading."
  • Reporter: "Would you say it's a bird or is it a reptile?"
    Dr. Aoki: "I wouldn't like to say. There isn't any recorded history of it. Let's just call it a monster."

 Audio clips in wav formatSOUNDSStarving actors speak out 

Green Music Note gamvsgaos1.wav Suit: "I don't care about the volcano or about the monster. Just make sure the farmers get off the land and please don't bother me with any more of these stupid reasons for stopping work!"
Green Music Note gamvsgaos2.wav Gaos screeching.
Green Music Note gamvsgaos3.wav Eechi: "Gaos is very bad; he can shoot out a ray. Yesterday he hurt Gamera's leg with the ray. It cut it very deep, just like a big knife!"
Green Music Note gamvsgaos4.wav Officer: "Wouldn't it be possible to build an extra large ultraviolet ray projector and attack it with that?"
Dr. Aoki: "No, it's impossible."

 Click for a larger imageIMAGESScenes from the movie 


 Watch a sceneVIDEOMPEG video files 

Video Clipgamvsgaos1.mpg - 2.0m
Here the giant turtle tries to rescue Eechi (unfortunately, he is successful) without getting sliced to ribbons by Gaos' sonic ray.

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Comments:Write CommentPages: 1 2 [3]
Re: Gamera vs. Gaos
Reply #17. Posted on March 24, 2008, 11:48:06 PM by Giant Claw Jr
The worlds biggist saber tooth turtle meets the worlds biggist vampire bat and notice the cartoon of gaos looks kind of like somesthing from mars maybe a pet owned by MARVIN THE MARTIAN BounceGiggle
Re: Gamera vs. Gaos
Reply #18. Posted on March 25, 2008, 05:01:37 PM by Flangepart
I love the Gamera flicks almost as much as Godzilla, but I for one, do did the new Gamera flicks. The new FX does the big guy justice.
And gotta admit, I love the MST versions.
"Sandy-frank,sandy -frank, thinks that people come from, treeees!"...
Re: Gamera vs. Gaos
Reply #19. Posted on May 01, 2008, 06:28:49 PM by George

I have seen this movie more times than any other monster movie,it's my No.1 Favorite!.
AIP made the best English language version,however there are a few things I like about the Sandy Frank version,I'll explain in a bit.
But first we begin with the AIP musical intro,then volcanoes erupting,finally bringing Gamera back to Earth,meantime a group of farmers didn't want a new highway built on there land,but then suddenly the powerful volcanic blasts unleash Gaos,a super vampire bat with a super sonic ray and vapor to put out fires.
Three times Gamera and Gaos fight,and the first two rounds go to Gaos,mostly because of his ray,the air battle they have over Nagoya is one of the best air battles between two flying monsters ever seen!,as they crash into the water Gamera rips off part of Gaos foot.
The scientists study it and conclude the only way of killing Gaos is to expose it to the sun,now in what Godzilla movie do you see a giant turntable of death!?.
Naturally they increase the voltage before sunrise and in doing so overload the system,Gaos gets away,but this leads up to the final super battle between our turtle hero and Gaos,hands down one of the best battles in all Japanese Monsterdom!.
Retromedia did a great job in there AIP realease,along with The Magic Serpent,but there were a few things they could of added from the SF version.
First before the SF movie started,there was an original movie trailer of the air battle between Gamera and Gaos!,Retromedia could of added that.
Also the alternet SF ending should of been included,in the AIP version Agie says to Gamera at the end,"Thank you Gamera sayonara sayonara!",The Sandy Frank version has him saying"Come back again and see us soon Gamera don't forget now!",so the viewers could decide for thereselves which ending they liked the best,(personally I really did like that part of the SF version),plus the Gamera outtakes of the first three Gamera movies after the movie was over.
If I had anything to with that release I sure would of included all that,but I didn't so it's not there,but it should of been,however I'm not going to argue the point,Retromedia,did an excellent job with their release of this, Return of the Giant Monsters,the greatest classic Gamera movie of them all!.
Re: Gamera vs. Gaos
Reply #20. Posted on March 29, 2009, 02:02:06 PM by George

As I said Return of the Giant Monsters is my most favorite of all the original Gamera movies.
On the You Tube you may be have recently watched someone named Wickwire with Kaiju Movie Reviews.

Although I'm glad to see someone finally reviewing Gamera movies,I thought he was being just a bit to harsh on it.For example,he says the English dialogue was terrible,was he talking about the Sandy Frank version?,although he did show clips from the AIP version,he did not make that clear,I hope you ment the SF version,although as I said the last time,I did like the ending of the SF version when the kid asked Gamera to come back and see us again,and the outtakes from the first 3 Gamera movie set to the Return of the Giant Monsters them.

I thought Gamera never looked better,but again the reviewer didn't seem to think so.
Of course Goas was stiff,remember he had two spines & throats that enabled him to produce super sonic rays.

I'm not being critical of the review in general,in fact it's better than what some people over at imdb have wrote about this movie.

What we do agree on is the fact the monster fights in this movie are the best you can get,especially the air battle,except for being a bit to critical I enjoyed the review and look forward to seeing what he has to say about Gamera movies,although I forgot he already has about the 1st,2nd,4th & 5th.

In conclusion on a scale of 1 to 10,I give Return of the Giant Monsters,(The AIP version),a 10.
Re: Gamera vs. Gaos
Reply #21. Posted on December 17, 2010, 06:46:54 PM by George
Apparently Shout Factory read A.C.Cronvichs comments about the out of sink dubbing on the Gamera DVDs,I just got them.

As far as Return of the Giant Monsters,perfect dubbing on the AIP side,haven't really tried the Sandy Frank side,the only part on that worth its salt are Agies last words to Gamera.
Viras is fine,except for two flash back scenes missing from Gamera and Gaos,and in Gameras attack on the dam,even though the men were saying things,we never heard them,it was like seeing an edited TV version.

Guiron's fine,except some high low sound when they have to switch to Sandy Frank dub when Guiron chopped Goas.Jiger has some high pitched tones in the beginning,but then evens out,but at the point where Horoish sister says,"Where are they!",the sound goes away.
All in all,phenomenal pictures,good old AIP dubbing,and a fair price.

Hopefully Shout Factory someday will be able to get a letterboxed Gammera with Brian Donlevy and Albert Dekker,and edit a Japanese version of Gamera vs. Barugon and put the AIP soundtrack on it.
Pages: 1 2 [3]
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