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Rated R
Copyright 1982 Z Films Inc.
Reviewed by Andrew Borntreger on 'a long time ago'

The Characters:  

  • Margaret - Freaky fashion model. It's her sexual partners that the aliens kill off. Vaporized in the end.
  • Adrian - Another psycho woman and Margaret's lover. She likes to make up songs about everything and they're none to easy on he ears. Dissolved by the aliens.
  • Jimmy - Supposedly a dude (Played by the same girl as Margaret actually.) who hates Margaret. Dissolved by the aliens.
  • Johann - German scientist who has been studying the aliens. Stabbed by Margaret.
  • Sylvia - Jimmy's undersexed mom.
  • Owen - Margaret's old professor who has spent some time in the sack with her. Has a glass pipette stuck through his head.
  • Paul - Heroin addict. Gets the old glass pipette through the head then dissolves.
  • The Aliens - Little guys who look like irritated eyeballs, they feed on heroin and a chemical produced in the human brain during orgasm.

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The Plot: 

Few movies are specifically tailored for appeal to those on controlled substances, here's one film though. Heralded as a great work in science fiction and so on... ...well, my ass. There is no damn way this thing sits alongside Alien, Bladerunner, or The Thing. What you have is a great number of lifeless and disturbed people having sex with Margaret then dying. Aliens come to Earth looking for heroin but find that the chemicals produced by human brains during orgasm are even better. So they park their flying saucer, it's about two feet wide, on top Margaret's apartment and begin killing everyone who has sex with her. Then we have a barely understandable German scientist who is studying the aliens, at least he describes the plot to us. Throw in a crazy girlfriend and a few other weirdos to fill gaps. Margaret finally goes completely bonkers, it's difficult to find that special someone when everybody you sleep with dies, and gets vaporized. In addition, her face is always covered with smudged makeup, probably to disguise that the actress played Jimmy as well. My main problem with this movie wasn't that there are aliens. Nor that these aliens were after heroin or human brains. You just have all these dysfunctional relationships between the characters and nobody ever goes postal. Even talking to most of these people would be like getting beaten in the head with a sock full of quarters.

Things I Learned From This Movie: 

  • Aliens are best represented by something which belongs in an eyedrop ad.
  • Microphones make handy stethoscopes.
  • Philosophy is less convincing when dispensed by a heroin addict.
  • Telescopes are equipped with crosshairs. (Shoot the moon you say?)
  • Some women take pride in being told they dress like a hooker.
  • Junkies often mistake German scientists for police officers.
  • The brain produces a chemical that tastes just like heroin during orgasm.
  • Having your toes stomped doesn't hurt.
  • A dozen people screaming at you to have an orgasm can be distracting.
  • Don't have sex with someone if their partners mysteriously dissolve.

Stuff To Watch For: 

  • 3 mins - Is that a flying saucer or two light covers?
  • 11 mins - Hey Adrian, shut the hell up! Do you make enough money to eat singing like that?
  • 24 mins - What sort of goofy alien tracking telescope is that?
  • 26 mins - Whoa! The "C" word! And I don't mean communist, try "see you next Tuesday." (Think about it.)
  • 44 mins - Glass pippette through the brain huh? Yeah, we get that around here.
  • 48 mins - Any particular reason you're sitting on a dead man's face Adrian?
  • 58 mins - She's half your size Johann, kick her ass - good grief.
  • 63 mins - Another guy died on top of you Margaret? Maybe you should get that thing checked.
  • 84 mins - Why are you all looking for the body? You watched the um, guy I think, dissolve.

 Audio clips in wav formatSOUNDSStarving actors speak out 

Green Music Note liquidsky1.wav Margaret: "Whether or not I like someone doesn't depend on what kind of genitals they have."
Green Music Note liquidsky2.wav Adrian: "Margaret is an uptight WASP c**t (Word bleeped here, even I don't throw this one around.) from Connecticut."
Green Music Note liquidsky3.wav Johann: "The most interesting fact we've found, these killings occured during sexual intercourse."
Green Music Note liquidsky4.wav Johann explaining to Margaret about aliens, heroin, and orgasms.
Green Music NoteTheme Song Listen to a clip from the soundtrack.

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 Watch a sceneVIDEOMPEG video files 

Video Clipliquidsky1.mpg - 1.6m
Owen and Margaret were going to town when he became more lifeless than normal. Why does having a probe stuck into your brain kill you anyway? Wouldn't it just give some people a lobotomy?

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Comments:Write CommentPages: [1] 2 3 ... 9
Liquid Sky
Reply #1. Posted on January 23, 1999, 03:01:20 AM by
Okay, maybe it's a personal problem, but I really liked this movie (and no, I don't use mind-altering substances) -- one of my prized possessions is a promotional poster for the film autographed by Anne Carlisle.  

It's not much on plot (or logic, for that matter)...but it's a great roller-coaster ride of images and sounds, especially that relentless pounding soundtrack.  Comparing it to 'Aliens' is sort of's not intended to be straight science fiction, but an allegorical belongs in the same file as 'Eraserhead', or the works of Stanislaw Lem.  

Thanks for giving this film some much-deserved publicity....

Jim Pennington
Liquid Sky
Reply #2. Posted on February 23, 1999, 02:19:43 AM by
Of the many, many bad films I've watched and admired, this film is special. Plan 9 From Outer Space? The Rocky Horror Picture Show? Waterworld? At least these films produce derisive laughter. It is with the utmost confidence that I can label Liquid Sky THE WORST FILM EVER!!

There are so many bad things about this film that it's easy to point to them and say they aren't so bad. But the movie isn't just a scene about a junkie model arguing with her male counterpart outside the door, or the bizarre scenes of lovers disintegrating so little alien voyeurs can harvest their hormones.

On no. The movie is a whole, and the pervasive element of the film is self-indulgent yet apathetic self-examination. The culmination of the film, where Margaret laments to a crowd of her "peers" about how the underground fashion scene forced her to abandon her identity and become androgynous, is gauranteed to drive sensitive viewers into smashing their skulls into the nearest concrete surface. Tears, vomiting(and subsequent dry heaves), cold sweat, and involuntary waste elimination are simply not enough to psycho-somatically purge your system of this film. Massive, self-inflicted head injury is the only possible release.

The only good thing that can be said about this movie is NOT that it ends; if you've watched for that long, it's too late for anyone to help you. The only GOOD thing about this film is that the DAMNED SYNTHESIZER MUSIC STOPS!!

Liquid Sky
Reply #3. Posted on April 21, 1999, 05:31:44 AM by angus
I saw this movie at an afternoon performance one winter in a movie theatre in Belgium. The most surreal part for me was when, after two hours of a film about a demented woman having sex and doing drugs and periodically shouting "I kill with my c__t!", the lights came up at the end and I discovered that the rest of the audience was entirely composed of little old Belgian ladies. I can only assume that it was cheaper for them to go to the movies in the afternoon than to heat their apartments, and that they didn't care too much _what_ they watched ...
Liquid Sky
Reply #4. Posted on May 05, 1999, 06:58:46 AM by
saw this film today at the san francisco international film fest.slava ( the director) was there in person, as was a "who's who" of the s.f. art/music/film/dance scene(jon moritsugu, i am spoonbender,metallica,etc.).i think that most of you who don't like liquid sky have very little sense of irony and should just accept your force-fed hollywood movie fate. yeah, l.s. isn't
f**king 'alien' (or perfect)but then again it had 1/50th the budget. also, it should be commended for the realistic approach to the subject matter alone.NO ONE in hollywood would have ever made a real new wave many of you thought nicholas cage's "new wave" movie was great? thought so.
Liquid Sky
Reply #5. Posted on December 09, 1999, 11:24:51 AM by Patrick in Louisville
Hmmmm....Well this is definitely one of the more bizzare films I have ever seen.  I can't say that I enjoyed, but I didn't hate.  I wanted to finish watching, but my friends insisted that we turn it off.  The scene with people dancing at the "show" was incredibly strange. It made me feel like I was watching something I never was intended to see.  What were these people thinking?  Who would invest so much time into a film such as this?  Did they know it was going to make them look like complete asses?  It reminded me of any Todd Haynes film, f**king awful, but so f**king awful you keep watching to see if something, anything, will happen.
Liquid Sky
Reply #6. Posted on October 17, 2002, 08:52:41 AM by NC (a Jimmy fan)
I just rented this 3 weeks ago, and watched it 3 times. I absolutely thought it was great. Someone earlier wrote that it seemed dated like it should have been filmed 4 years before; to me it seemed like the tail end of this kind of fashion/culture and if it had been made just one year later then it would have been very dated and out of place. It was great to watch Paula Sheppard (she was so great in Alice, Sweet Alice). Anne Carlisle was awesome as Jimmy. Margaret was a very interesting character, but I actually liked Jimmy more. He was a very pathetically funny character. The scene leading up to where Margaret gives Jimmy a bj is one of my favorite scenes in the movie.
Liquid Sky
Reply #7. Posted on January 21, 2000, 08:16:03 PM by r van chalix
your review was benighted and ignorant. this movie is a landmark of brilliant visuals and savage social comment. just because character's aren't likable doesn't mean that they have nothing to say.
the music is simply brilliant; people who don't appreciate are wasting their time watching films like this and should direct themselves to the nearest james cameron film. comparing it to crap like Alien is an insult. this movie is not some f**king mindless entertainment. it was made carefully for an audience which possess a certain degree of sophistication, which the author of the insipid review obviously failed to have. i simply don't understand why you go on so long condemning something like this:most people will never know about LS, and your feeble criticism only displays that you have an instinctive feeling that the movie is unique, but you are too dulled by your culture of conforminty to appreciate it. thus your invective. leave cool stuff alone if you can't handle it.
Liquid Sky
Reply #8. Posted on February 27, 2000, 06:31:28 PM by Foyo
You know it really sucks that people like r van chalix have to condemn everybody for not having the same tastes that they do.  Get a life and stop judging everybody that you percieve to be a "conformist"...  I agree with the review... and I think this movie deserves a round on MST3K
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