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Interview with George Hardy
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Image George Hardy played the part of Michael Waits, the father in Troll 2. In recent years, he noticed that the b-movie community embraced "Troll 2" as a gloriously bad film. He seems to love the fact that people enjoy the movie, for whatever the reason, and has some fun stories to tell about making it.

Ash, from the forum, also did a fun telephone interview with George, which comes across more like a friendly chat than something so formal.

Interview Date: 19 May 2007


I first interacted with George Hardy online when I received a friend request from him on Myspace. It took me a few moments to realize who he was, but, when I did, I quickly approved his request. I mean, here is one of the lead actors in one of the best/worst movies ever made and he's wanting to add us as friends.

I couldn't believe it!

He had been on the Myspace friend list for about a week or so when, on a whim, I messaged him to see if he would be willing to do an interview. I didn't think he would answer. After all, I've sent messages to other B-movie actors and none of them responded. Until George...

In less than 24 hours, he replied and said that he'd love to do an interview!

We had a bit of difficulty getting together to talk at first. But when I contacted him at his dental practice in Alabama he was working on a patient and I agreed to contact him later that evening around 5 pm. When I called him back, he & I got to shoot the breeze for almost two hours. 55 minutes of our conversation were recorded for your listening enjoyment.

What a great guy George is!

I must tell you all that this was my first interview ever and when you listen to it, it shows. I was very nervous, but George was a good sport and he made it very easy for me.

Please take the time to download and listen to our informative and humorous interview. It starts off kind of slow...especially the first 5 minutes, but once we get going, it's great!

Thank you, George, for your time, patience and not pissing on our hospitality!


Listen to the telephone interview as an MP3 file.

Andrew: How did you get the part of Mr. Waits?
George Hardy: Got the part on a whim. I read the "piss on hospitality" scene in a room filled with smoke with nine Italians watching and not understanding a word I said. I was told later that they liked my energy. I heard over a hundred read for my part.

Image "I was told later that they liked my energy. I heard over a hundred read for my part."

Andrew: According to the Internet Movie Database, "Troll 2" is your only appearance in a film, but you obviously caught the attention of the people doing the casting with your reading. Did you have any prior acting experience?
George Hardy: I had some acting experience in high school. I played a lead in a short Christmas play called "Under the Mistletoe Tree." I was also a college cheerleader and was in front of very large audiences many times.

Andrew: You were the father and Michael Stephenson was your son in the movie. How did you both get along?
George Hardy: It was awesome working with Michael. I knew and felt he was a gifted child when I was around him. We developed a great bond. It was almost like a father and son feeling then. I remember thinking it would be awesome to have a kid like Michael as my real son - as well with Connie Young (Holly).

Image "I remember thinking it would be awesome to have a kid like Michael as my real son..."

Andrew: Tell us about the coaching and direction during your scenes. At any point did someone just throw down their hat and yell, "Your son just urinated on dinner. You are angry and disappointed in him, but resolute. Show me resolution!"
George Hardy: There was no direction. Very little English was spoken between cast and the crew.

Andrew: You mention both that nine Italians were at the casting call and that very little English was spoken between the cast and crew. That must have been a mess at times. Do you remember any special snafus that happened due to a language barrier?
George Hardy: Nearly all the cast members found it difficult to understand the script and when we would ask what the lines meant or how the story was to go - nobody had a clue. Claudio gave me little to no direction, very little to Connie, but some to Michael. We tried to understand the concept and context of the script, but, because the shooting was so sporadic and moved from place to place with no organization, we had very little knowledge of what was going on. It just happened and in some sort of miracle way has worked to make this a perfectly done bad movie.

Image Click here for a YouTube video from the "Troll 2" screening in NYC.

Click here for a YouTube video from the Q&A at the "Troll 2" screening.

Andrew: What was the filming schedule like? How long did the filming take and was it far from your normal home?
George Hardy: I got paid $1,500 for the three weeks of filming. The shooting was in Park City, about 30 miles from South Salt Lake Valley where I lived. It was up Big Cottonwood Canyon, right below Solitude Ski Resort. We then traveled to Morgan 65 miles away, and also filmed in Salt Lake Valley, 10 miles out.

It was, overall, a fun experience. Not much seriousness in making the film from the cast. We just went along best we all could. I remember all the unusual cigarette smoke everywhere in the healthy mountain environment of Utah. It was and has been a great ride.

Image "I remember all the unusual cigarette smoke everywhere in the healthy mountain environment of Utah."

Andrew: Looking at the finished movie, the idea of vegetarian goblins that eat people, thus requiring them to transform the people into plants with a magic potion or cursed food, is insane. What did you think of the story when you were making the movie?
George Hardy: We had no idea of what the script meant and it was difficult to understand. Not knowing what the story was made it difficult to understand the flow of things for the movie. We just did what we were told (in very little English or as few words as possible). I remember the scene where we sit down to eat and thinking, "This can't be real. I mean green icing on corn on the cob. Come on." I remember thinking how Deborah Reed was over acting and laughing at the situation."

Image "This can't be real. I mean green icing on corn on the cob. Come on."

Andrew: It makes sense that you probably spent most of your time with the other actors and actresses playing the Waits, but you must have talked to other members of the cast. Did anyone stand out or do you recall any memorable exchanges?
George Hardy: I have found Robert Ornsby, who played Grandpa Seth, to be a wonderful, lovable person. Robert was the manager of a well known bookstore in Salt Lake City that I frequently went to. In the 80's, it was considered a cool 60's bookstore. I have since found out he has acted in Shakespearean plays in Salt Lake City. Another is Don Packard, who played the drugstore owner, (his famous line in the movie is, "EGGS, BLEHHHH!"). Don has that classic New England style, spent time the in Soho area of New York City, and even taught tap dance lessons in France. For years Don was a personal trainer; now, at 82, he is still in pretty great shape. I also remember the wardrobe lady. Laura Grimsley, I think was her movie name. She was absolutely one of the most beautiful women I have ever met. She was terribly sweet to all of us.

Image "I have found Robert Ornsby, who played Grandpa Seth, to be a wonderful, lovable person."

Andrew: What have you been doing in the years since "Troll 2" was made?
George Hardy: Wow, what a question. Hmmm, now it's been almost 18 years, so here goes: Shortly after the film was made I married and moved back to Alabama. I now have two children, Lindsey, 24 and Lillie, 14. My practice is in a small town in Alabama and I live on a beautiful lake in the state. I love water skiing, lifting weights, hiking, skiing, and travel. I love anything to do with personal growth, one of which is called The Garden Company.

Andrew: Do you ever talk with family or coworkers about the movie? If so, what do they say?
George Hardy: Well at this point, and with this all getting so huge and going crazy, "Troll 2" has become an everyday conversation with my patients, dental team, and is mentioned at parties and social gatherings. The news of the phenomenon has gotten out in my community and surrounding areas. I get recognized in airports, bookstores, and even continuing education courses in dentistry. It is very hard for me to believe, actually.

Image "'Troll 2' has become an everyday conversation with my patients, dental team, and is mentioned at parties and social gatherings."

Andrew: Last, but not least, open forum: Is there anything you would like to talk about or say to the readers and fans of "Troll 2?"
George Hardy: This is a great question and thanks for asking. What I have grown to love more than anything, since I, we, many of the cast have embraced this whole phenomenon, is the sense of humor everyone has around this movie. Rather than running from being in quite possibly the best worst movie ever made, I have totally immersed myself in the fun of it all and just loved the fans. "Troll 2" is a hobby playtime for me and I'm just loving the ride.

One of the greatest things that has happened is reconnecting with the cast members. I have had the pleasure to now meet Jason Wright again. The playboy son of the Cooper's is a very gifted man. Has even written a novel called "Christmas Jars," ought to be a major motion picture this Christmas. Also Darren Ewing, the "OH MY GOOOODDDDD!" Arnold. Wow, what a wild and crazy guy - now a very talented drummer and stand up comic. Jason Steadman, a Salt Lake gentleman who performs live to many audiences in Salt Lake City as a Christian musician.

Of course, the most meaningful has been meeting Michael Stephenson who played my son Joshua. Michael was 10 at the time of filming and I, 34. Now, what is so cool, is Michael is now 28 and I am 52 and our relationship is on a whole new level. It has been a tremendous experience working with Michael and his lovely wife, Lindsey, on this documentary and also putting together

There is so much in store ahead. Screenings are planned now on the silver screen with the original print this summer in San Francisco. A possible date is May 25th at the Castro, Houston at the Landmark on June 2nd, Boston June 14th, and then on to Seattle, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, Atlanta, and Montreal at Halloween.

So, with all the excitement and doings, more is in store. Who knows, a "Troll 2.2" might be in the works as Claudio is interested, I hear these days, from Rome. I would love to be in another film and "Troll 2.2," "Troll 3," "Return to Nilbog," or "Monstrous Beings"...what ever you want to call it...would be another fun ride.

Cheers to all you "Troll 2" fans, Troll 2 rocks, and REMEMBER ONE LAST THING AND THAT IS: YOU CAN'T PISS ON HOSPITALITY, I WON'T ALLOW IT!!!!!!!!!!


Listen to George lay down the law.

Many thanks to Mr. Hardy for taking time to do the interview and also being the sort of actor who I like to see in the movies reviewed on the site. He comes across as someone who understands it was a bad movie, but also knows that it is entertaining for the viewer (a goal of any film). Plus, he met some exceptional people and had fun making the movie. Sounds like a great deal to me.

Ash, known by many on the forum, did all the legwork to make this interview happen. I would like to thank him for all the time and effort and also allowing me to post the telephone interview with George.

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